Try Japanese Hair Straightening | wifi rental japan

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Some people who are born with curly and frizzy hair wish to straighten their hair. There may be another case well. In my case, I used to get my hair permed and become sick of it after few months. Then I got my hair straightened to refresh my feeling. For sure, this gave a critical damage to my hair even though hair at that time felt very silky.

However, already around 10 years passed since I had this experience. Japanese hair straightening technique has developed significantly and it is said that your hair will get little amount of damage. I am not saying it will rather make your hair in good condition. Doing ‘something’ to hair always brings some kind of damage. However, at least you can reduce the damage and get your favorite hair style. It depends on which shop you are visiting and how much you are willing to pay, though. Read More

Is It Really Unlimited? True or False | wifi rental japan

A lot of portable wifi router companies advertise that you can enjoy unlimited data during your stay in Japan. wifi-rental-japan also introduces to customers that you can use unlimited data with our wifi router. However, there is a rule of using unlimited data and same thing applies to most of the wifi routers in Japan.


wifi-rental-japan provides Y mobile 305ZT to our customers. Although this router is popular in Japan and many wifi rental stores handle it, it is impossible to cover every single area in Japan. For instance, if you hike up mountain and try to connect to the internet with wifi router, it will not work at all. In similar cases, it will not work as well if you are traveling countryside of Japan. Please refer to the following map. Read More

Tokyo Travel Guide 7 Harajuku : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

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Located near Shibuya, Harajuku is a place where you can enjoy Japanese youth fashion. Similar to Shibuya, a lot of teenagers, young generation, and foreign tourists gather here since small streets in this area are full of fancy restaurants, cafes and clothing stores. It’s walking distance between Harajuku and Shibuya so you can visit these two districts on the same day. In this article, we will focus on introducing shopping streets in Harajuku.

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Image result for harajuku cat street Read More

Tokyo Travel Guide 6 Yokohama : Restaurants | wifi rental japan

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Eat, eat, eat! Many people travel for food. You can enjoy gourmet food in this beautiful port city in Japan. As Yokohama is one of the biggest cities in Tokyo, There are many places where you can have wide range of foods from traditional Japanese food to International cuisines. In addition to this, there is a Chinatown in Yokohama so that you can try Chinese food as well as a bit transformed Chinese food with Japanese taste. In this article, we will mainly look for menus in Chinatown.

There is the largest Chinatown in Japan in Yokohama. There are a lot of Chinese restaurants and shops where you can eat and enjoy Chinese food and goods. This colorful street becomes more beautiful when it becomes night. The contrast of dark night and red and yellow lights produces mysterious atmosphere. You will feel like you are in China. Read More

Tokyo Travel Guide 6 Yokohama : Attractions | wifi rental japan

Many people fall in love with this beautiful port city in Japan. In particular, the night view of Yokohama makes people feel sentimental. Calm and peaceful waves of water, soft wind coming from sea, and gorgeous meal with your favorite people… Everything is so perfect here. (Sorry to bother your imaginary but it’s extremely humid and hot during summer, though.) So, it’s time to check which interesting attractions you can try in Yokohama.


It is usually said that you can find Chinatown wherever you visit in this world. Yes, there is a Chinatown in Yokohama as well. As I described on my previous article about restaurants in Yokohama, you can try Japanese-Chinese cuisine here in Chinatown. However, that’s not all about here. If you visit Chinatown at night time, you will be able to see beautiful illumination which decorates whole area. The harmony of dark sky and shining lights will make you feel like you are in China for real. Read More

Tokyo Travel Guide 6 Yokohama : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

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Before starting this article, I would like to confess that Yokohama is not in Tokyo. Yokohama is located in Kanagawa-ken, and it was one of the first Japanese ports which were opened to foreign trade in 1859. There are amusement park and China town in Yokohama and these kind of attractions made Yokohama popular for both Japanese and foreign tourists. Yokohama is quite close to Tokyo since it takes only about 30-40 minutes from Shibuya station to Yokohama station. Since Yokohama is not such super big city, you can enjoy there for one day trip as well. Read More

Transportation in Tokyo 3 : Taxi | wifi rental japan

You are tired. You don’t even have power to move one step forward. Looking back you find heavy luggage waiting for you This is just disaster! At that time you find one beautiful yellow(or black) taxi waiting for the traffic signal just in front of you. And nobody’s in there! Would you take a taxi to your destination or not?

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Some people(like me) don’t take taxi in Japan because they are afraid of high fares. In some countries you can find there is almost no difference in fare between taking taxi and using other public transport such as train and bus. However, it’s totally different in Japan. Using trains or buses is already expensive enough but taking taxi JUST costs a lot. What I think is that sparing chances of taking taxi is very important for saving your travel budget. Try to take taxi only when you are with too many and heavy luggage. It it also good idea to share taxi fare with your travel mates if you really want to take a taxi. Read More

UNLIMITED 4G DATA JPY600 PER DAY! | wifi rental japan

Advantages of Using Wifi Rental Japan

(1) You can connect maximum 14 devices to one wifi router.

If your device has wifi function, you can easily use it. Smartphones, laptops, ipads… whatever you have! If you are not traveling alone, you can share one device with your families or friends. However, connecting up to 4~5 devices is recommended to guarantee high-speed internet connection.

(2) It is easy to set up.

You don’t have to register website or go through complicated setting procedures if you choose to use wifi rental japan. You will get a router at airport you have selected, then all you have to do is just turning on the device, check network name and password, and connect to your own device. We will send an English version of manual with picture to you. Read More

Become Japanese Gyaru for a Day! | wifi rental japan

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Have you heard of Japanese term ‘gyaru'(or gals)? In 1990s and 2000s it was hard to see the main street of Shibuya without many groups of gyaru. Gyaru fashion is represented by dark tanned skin, bleached harid, super long and decorated nails, and thick makeup. Since its crazy high popularity, a lot of gyaru fashion magazines were generated and some of their models became idols at last. It is hard to deny that gyaru fashion doesn’t exist in Japanese society anymore only because its reduced numbers. Read More