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Have you heard of Japanese term ‘gyaru'(or gals)? In 1990s and 2000s it was hard to see the main street of Shibuya without many groups of gyaru. Gyaru fashion is represented by dark tanned skin, bleached harid, super long and decorated nails, and thick makeup. Since its crazy high popularity, a lot of gyaru fashion magazines were generated and some of their models became idols at last. It is hard to deny that gyaru fashion doesn’t exist in Japanese society anymore only because its reduced numbers.


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Well, it’s true that it’s very difficult to see real gyaru who we imagined in our mind in real. The most of gyaru who actively appeared in 1990s and early 2000s already became 30s and 40s. Most of them got married and are raising their children. Shibuya 109 remained as a landmark and holy spot for gyaru fashion, however, their exaggerated fashion calmed down much to fit to modern style. Nowadays, kyabajo(women work at hostess club) is said to represent gyaru fashion but they also have “not too much” styles.

TRY TO BECOME A GYARU : Ganguro cafe

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But I didn’t say they all disappeared! There is a place in Shibuya you can meet real gyaru and even try gyaru make up. It’s Ganguro Cafe. You will meet staff who are passionate about their fashion and life styles. They pursue unique fashion which can represent themselves well. You may be surprised by their extremely long nails and eyelashes, but you will get used to it soon. A gyaru-make pack costs JPY 6,500. 1 drink, 1 dish, gyaru make up, purikura(sticker photo), and souvenir are included in this package. There will be additional 20% charge for tax and service fee. You can use maximum 1 hour here and it costs JPY 500 if you want to stay there longer. It may sound pretty expensive, however, giving it a try just as experience will be memorable in the future as well.

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