Hokkaido Travel Guide 1 Sapporo : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

A paradise for people who love winter sports! Sapporo, which was also a city for Olympics once, is a capital of Hokkaido and one of Japan’s major cities. This amazing city is famous for winter sports, snow festival, (extremely a lot of) snow, crabs, seafood, ramen, and beer. Everything related to snow and winter is famous here and every year millions of people visit Sapporo to enjoy winter sports and snow festival.

Here is also a great place for having a shop. There are a lot of products and souvenirs you can enjoy here in Sapporo, a heaven for dairy products and its related desserts. You will definitely fall in love with this beautiful and calm city once you visit here, though the weather is freezing cold in the winter and you may not be able to go back home due to bad weather condition. Read More

Shichi-Go-San in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Have you heard to Shichi-Go-San in Japan? It literally means Seven-Five-Three in English and this is a festival for 7 years old girls and 5 years old boys, and sometimes 3 years old children. It is held on November 15th every year to celebrate well growth of young children. On this day, you will see a lot of children wearing Japanese traditional clothes and lining up with their parents in front of shrines.

I think this applies to most of countries, but a lot of children died due to lack of medical system in the past. They somehow believed odd numbers are lucky and the practice of celebrating the survival of children has started. The five-year-old boys wear hakama for the first time and seven-year-old girls wear kimono. After dressing up, they visit shrine to protect themselves from evil spirits and wish for a long life. Read More

Is Having Tattoos in Japan OK? | wifi rental japan

Many of you who have tattoos on the body will be worried about coming to Japan due to its notorious “NO TATTOO ALLOWED” rules. It does not mean that people with tattoos cannot enter Japan. No tattoo rule is applied to public places like hot springs, pools, and some resorts. There is a stigma toward tattoos in Japan and though nowadays it is changing slowly, usually people do not have tattoos on their body.

In general, Japanese gangsters(yakuza) is considered to have tattoos on their whole body. However, it doesn’t meant that all people having tattoos are somehow related to crimes. The phenomenon of being reluctant to people with tattoos has been changing since many celebrities and young people do it as a type of new fashion. Read More

How Japanese People Celebrate New Years Day? | wifi rental japan

New Year’s Day means a lot to many people. Some of us make a plan of studying something new while others plan to lose weight for healthy life. Japan is also not an exceptional. If you are here in japan in November, you will see many different types of diaries sold in stationary stores. It means that many people are expecting for upcoming year.

Even though Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, New Year’s Day is a national holiday. In addition to this, many companies have long-day off between 31st December and the first week of January. It depends on which industry they are working on, though. People who are living far apart from their families visit their hometown during these holidays. In this article, we will look for what Japanese people do on New Year’s Day. Read More

The Secrets About Unlimited Pocket WiFi | wifi rental japan

Basically you can use unlimited 4G data with advance mode of 305ZT and high speed mode of W05. However, unlimited settings may not allow you to stay connected if you are using it in places like subway and basement. In addition to this, if your room is surrounded by walls, there is a possibility that radio wave from outside cannot be received well. In this case, you can relocate pocket WiFi to the place like near window. However, it still may not work depend on your surrounding environment.

There is a solution for this. Unfortunately, this solution will not lead you to use unlimited data; however, you can still stay connected under difficult environment. This applies to almost all pocket WiFi in Japan. When a WiFi rental company in Japan says you can use unlimited data, it means you can use unlimited 4G data, not 4G LTE. Some places will say you can use unlimited 4G LTE. In this case, the usage of 4G LTE is limited to 1-3 Gigabytes per day and speed limit will be applied after using all of these. Read More

Christmas in Japan? | wifi rental japan

Unfortunately Christmas, one of the biggest annual festivals in the world, is not a national holiday in Japan. Christmas doesn’t have any religious meaning since not many Japanese people are Christians. However, Japanese people do celebrate Christmas with their own way. It is more like sharing happy moments with families or friends rather than a religious celebration.

Christmas is usually a day for couples or people in romantic relationship, though they have to work on the day. Young couples will walk around a place where is full of Christmas illumination and have a meal at a romantic restaurant. If you wish to have a meal at posh restaurant, you will have to make a reservation at least a month in advance. In this article, we will look for what Japanese people do and how they celebrate Christmas. Read More

How Many Mbps is Good? | wifi rental japan

Many people who are not really interested in computer and network will not know much about terms used for WiFi such as Mbps and Kbps. A lot of pocket WiFi rental companies advertise their products with its speed. However, not many places explain to what extent you can use internet connection with certain amount of Mbps. So, how many Mbps do you need to use internet without having lags? Is it really enough to enjoy everything including watching Youtube videos and play mobile games? In this article, we will look for how many Mbps you need for enjoying WiFi without troubles. Read More

*Coming Soon!* Introducing New Pocket WiFi Model | wifi rental japan

Currently wifi rental japan offers only one option to our customers, which is Y!mobile 305ZT. Y!mobile 305ZT is popular in Japan for its stable connection, high speed, and reasonable price. The speed of WiFi reaches 187.5 Mbps for download, which is very enough for using your devices without having lags, and it only costs JPY 600 per day including tax. You will easily find wifi rental japan provides the best price when searching for other pocket WiFi rental companies in Japan.

However, there have been regular requests from customers about increasing the number of models that customers can decide upon their preference. wifi rental japan had gone through hard time to choose which model to introduce, since it must have different features than original one in terms of its speed and coverage area, and finally decided which one to add. Read More

Staying in Japan for a Long Term? | wifi rental japan

Many people come to Japan just for a short visit. In this case, I highly recommend renting a pocket WiFi since rental fee is not very expensive and you can use unlimited data. I believe it’s more useful than buying SIM card because (1) you must have unlocked phone to use SIM card, (2) it’s usually expensive, and (3) the usage of data is limited.

However, some of you are planning to stay in Japan for a few months. You may be traveling all around Japan for a long time, studying as student, or working for a long term. Having phone number is really important in Japan; however, it is difficult to have phone number at the same time. It has become quite easier but few years ago there was an ironic situation for foreign residents when making phone number. Phone number was needed to open Japanese bank account. Japanese bank account was needed to make a phone number. It was like an assignment which would never finish. Nowadays it became much easier since you can easily make your phone number with credit card. Read More

Tokyo Travel Guide 11 Asakusa : Attractions | wifi rental japan

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If you are interested in traditional aspects of Japan it’s a must to visit Asakusa. Visiting sensoji, which is an ancient Buddhist temple, will give you an experience of feeling old Japan. It is also good place to see modern Japan since there is a world’s second tallest structure located near Sensoji. Going up to the top floor of Tokyo Sky Tree, you will be able to see how developed and advanced Japan is. In this article, we will look for attractions in Japan in terms of traditional and modern Japan. Read More