VR Experiences in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Virtual Reality, which can be simply called as VR, uses the computer technology to create a simulated environment. We don’t have to know much about how technology works since all we have to do is enjoying VR games in Japan! If you are interested in the mechanism of virtual reality you may look into internet to release your curiosity. In this article, we will look for the places where you can try VR in Tokyo.
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Enjoy Sumo in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Sumo is Japanese traditional wrestling where wrestlers try to force their opponents out of small circular ring or make opponents touch the ground with any part of their body. Sumo is not just a sport to Japanese people since it has ritual and religious background. It is usually said that sumo is somehow related to Shinto, which is Japanese traditional religion.

Sumo has some aspects which cannot be understood well in modern society; women cannot even enter the ring. It is famous that sumo was criticized by people all over the world recently due to the fact that they barred one woman who was giving first aid to a man who collapsed in a sumo ring. They say women cannot enter here because sumo ring is considered to be sacred. Well… I cannot agree, though.
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Try Karaoke in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Karaoke is a form of entertaining place derived from Japan where you can sing songs with background music. If you are from a country where does not have enough Karaoke, I strongly recommend visiting Karaoke while your visit to Japan. You can find Karaoke, which uses whole building only for this entertaining room, anywhere in Japan. In particular, if you are traveling to urban side of Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka, it is very easy to find a place where you can enjoy Karaoke for a long time.
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Fast Food Restaurants in Japan | wifi rental japan

What images come to your mind when hearing about the word fast food? In my case, I can think of things like hamburger, pizza, and fried chicken. Probably these are the most popular and famous fast food menus in the world. In Japan, there are many different types of fast food menus you can enjoy with cheap price. Fast foods usually have an image of harming health and getting fat; however, fast food in Japan is different. It is sometimes even considered to be healthy, somehow. In this article, we will look for Japanese fast food brands and what they sell.
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Coming of Age Ceremony in Japan | wifi rental japan

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[source : https://www.keioplaza.com/keywords/seijin.html]

Coming of Age Day, which is called as seijin-no-hi(成人の日) in Japanese, is a national holiday in Japan. Every year, Japanese people who have just turned into 20 years old or will soon celebrate this special day in a life on second Monday of January. Many countries have their own way to celebrate Coming of Age Day; for example, in some countries people give perfume and flower to a person who became certain age. It is also possible that nobody celebrates this day in some nations.
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What Costco in Japan Has | wifi rental japan

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Many people, regardless of their nationalities and backgrounds, love Costco. My first time to visit Costco in life was in Canada, and I still don’t forget that feeling of buying bunch of foods and stuff with reasonable price. It is probably because knowing the existence of Costco was not very common in my home country and we hadn’t heard of a ‘supermarket’ where only ‘members’ can use.

As I described just above, Costco is a membership-only warehouse club where you can buy nearly everything you need in your daily life from foods to electronics. It may not be applied to other countries such as Canada and the U.S; however, the only disadvantage of using Costco in Japan is its location. Costco in Japan are usually located in a place where you need to go by a car. It simply means you will have hard time visiting there unless you have a car or live just next to Costco. In this article, we will look for recommended products you may buy at Costco in Japan.
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Commercial Haunted Houses in Japan | wifi rental japan

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A haunted house is a house or building which are perceived as having spirits of the dead. The ghosts living at this types of houses are usually thought to be former residents or have experienced some tragic and violent events at that place. Believe ghosts and spirits do exist or not, people try to avoid these places. However, there are horror fans who want to visit haunted houses and record their visit and experience there.

There are attractions where you can experience haunted house but don’t have to worry about things happening afterwards. Some amusement parks made an attraction and hired people who are costumed as things such as zombies or ghosts to be astonishing their customers. These commercial attractions has sprung up all over the world, including Japan. In this article, we will look for some commercial haunted houses  in Japan.
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Looking for Amusement Park in Japan? Visit FujiQ HighLand! | wifi rental japan

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[source : http://willerexpress.com/en/fujiq/]

Are you searching for an amusement park near Tokyo but you are not interested in Disney Land? You want to try some attractions extreme? If so, I recommend you visiting FujiQ Highland, which is located in Yamanashi prefecture. It takes only an hour and a half by bus from Shinjuku Station to FujiQ Highland or you may rent a car and drive along the way to Yamanashi. If you have confidence about driving a car in Japan, a left-hand drive country, I recommend driving a car since there are other tour destinations such as Kawaguchiko in Yamanashi.

Take a Bus to Get to FujiQ Highland

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[source : https://www.hisgo.com/j1/Contents/OptionalTour]

I am going to give you an example about how to get to FujiQ highland from Shinjuku station. However, you can also take a bus from some famous tour spots such as Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and Akihabara. If you are traveling from Shinjuku station and planning to buy a free pass, which enables you to take all attractions in FujiQ highland, it costs JPY 7,000. This price includes a bus ticket fee for round trip between Shinjuku and FujiQ Highland and free pass.
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Enjoy Hot Spring Near Tokyo! : Hakone | wifi rental japan

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[source : https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/health-and-beauty]

Honestly, it is true that you can enjoy better conditioned hot spring resort with reasonable price in rural areas in Japan. However, not everyone has plans to visit Japan several times in a life. Some people do not have enough time to visit many places in Japan. In this case, people try to find the best way to enjoy Japan at once.

If you are traveling to Osaka, you may visit Kyoto to try Japanese traditional hot spring. What if you are traveling to Tokyo only? Is all thing you need to do is just giving up visiting hot spring? No worries! There are some places where you can enjoy Japanese ryokan and hot spring within one day. In this article, we will look for several places near Tokyo where you can try Japanese hotspring.
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Fukuoka Travel Guide 3 Beppu Part 2 : Hot Spring | wifi rental japan

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[source : https://visitjapan2019.com/venues/interest/oita/oita-city-guide/]

Calm down. There is nothing burning in this picture. As I mentioned in my previous article, Beppu, which is located in Oita, is famous for hot spring. Having hot spring in a town naturally means there exists a source which makes hot water. This hot water makes a steam all over this town and that’s why now we can see a picture like this. In this article, we will look for famous hot spring that many tourists visit every year.

Visit Hells

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[source : https://www.shoreexcursions.asia]

There are 7 hell hot springs only in Beppu. If you wish to look around all 7 hells the entrance fee becomes JPY 2,000 per person. It costs JPY 400 if you visit only one hell. The most famous hell is the one called ‘Kamado’ and some tourists who do not have enough time to spend in Beppu choose to visit Kamado only.
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