Tokyo, Heaven for Game Lovers Part 3 : Retro | wifi rental japan

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Gaming industry is developing day by day and nowadays we can play games with big screen and high quality graphics. However, I guess some of you were kids playing video and arcade games with not really good quality graphic and simple controllers. Since Japan has been taking a big part of game industry for a long time, it is hard to say about retro games without mentioning Japanese games. If you are traveling to Tokyo, there are some places where you can buy or play retro games. Read More

Tokyo, Heaven for Game Lovers part 2 : Video Games | wifi rental japan

In previous article, we have looked for SEGA, one of the biggest game centers in Japan, and some popular games you can play there. Japanese game industry has been prospering for a long time and every year a lot of new games are released. In particular, you will feel Japan as heaven if you are a big fan of video games. Video gaming is a major industry in Japan and companies such as SEGA, Sony, Namco, Capcom, and NEC led the golden age of video games.

With development of home video game consoles such as Nintendo and PlayStation, many people lost their reason to go to game centers and spend a lot of coins for defeating their enemies or achieving aimed scores. Instead, people could enjoy those games at home. These types of game consoles also provide online service so that you may play game together with a person from different side of the world. In this article, we will look for some recommended games. Read More

Tokyo, Heaven for Game Lovers part 1 : SEGA | wifi rental japan

Do you love games? Personally I had no such interest about games so far; however, nowadays I feel that watching(not playing) game videos is pretty fun. Recently I bought Nintendo Switch to play some games like Mario Kart and Little Nightmares. Honestly I feel I am horrible at playing games but I am still enjoying it.

Japan, especially Tokyo, is jam-packed with tons of game stores and arcades. There are hundreds of places where you can meet and play your beloved games. Every electronics department store located in downtown Tokyo features game soft for Nintendo, Play Station, and X Box. There also are at least more than one game arcades in downtown. In this article, we will look for game arcades and game stores in Tokyo. Read More

Become Geisha for a Day! | wifi rental japan

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Have you watched a movie film ‘the memoirs of geisha’? It originally is a best-seller novel about the girl called ‘Chiyo’ become most popular geisha in Japan. Though this movie was criticized by some people due to the fact that Orientalism was somehow involved in whole movie and actors were not Japanese but Chinese.

However, it is also true that this novel and movie at least have spread the term ‘Geisha’ to the world, though it was correct information or not. And there is a place in Japan, especially in Kyoto, where you can be costumed like a real maiko, who is being in training for becoming geisha, and walk around the street to take pictures. In this article, we will look for some shops where you can be transformed to Geisha for a day. Read More

Participate Cooking Classes in Japan | wifi rental japan

Many people love to try authentic foods from all over the world. However, some of them also like to learn how to cook different country’s dishes. Do you want to take part in cooking classes in Japan and learn how to cook Japanese food? No worries. There are a lot of studios where you can learn how to cook various types of foods from Japanese traditional one to bakeries. In this article, we will look for cooking classes you may participate while your stay or visit in Japan.

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ABC cooking studio is one of the most famous and popular cooking studios in Japan. The surprising point of ABC cooking studio is that you can try their trial lesson only with 500 yen. However, you should be careful that trial classes are given in Japanese. ABC cooking studio do provide English classes for foreign customers; however, classes in English usually costs more than 50 dollars. From sushi rolls to green tea tiramisu, you can participate in various classes and will not have any difficulty because whole class is given in English. You can make a reservation from their website. Read More

Signing Up For a Gym in Japan | wifi rental japan

We can refresh our feelings and become healthier through working out. Some people enjoy training at home while others prefer to go out and visit gyms. Even if you are just visiting Japan as a traveler, you may try hard to find gyms to burn your calories out. However, we are all foreigners in Japan. We don’t really know much about gyms and fitness centers. What is their average price, which franchises they have, and what we can do there… everything is so unclear. In this article, we will look for several fitness centers you may sign up for membership in Japan. Read More

Top 5 Items You Must Buy At Don Quijote in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Don Quijote is a discounted store in Japan with more than 150 stores. It depends on which branch of Don Quijote you visit; however, basically you can find whatever your want from snacks to electronics. As Don Quijote provides a lot of practical and funny items with reasonable price, it is also good idea to buy souvenirs to bring back here. Every day tons of foreign tourists visit Don Quijote to shop souvenirs and their tax free counter enables you to have items with cheaper price. In this article, we will introduce top 5 items you should buy at Don Quijote in Japan. Read More

VR Experiences in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Virtual Reality, which can be simply called as VR, uses the computer technology to create a simulated environment. We don’t have to know much about how technology works since all we have to do is enjoying VR games in Japan! If you are interested in the mechanism of virtual reality you may look into internet to release your curiosity. In this article, we will look for the places where you can try VR in Tokyo.


VR amusement park in Japan! VR PARK has three branches in Japan; Tokyo, Sapporo, and Fukuoka. Tokyo branch is located in Shibuya, where many travelers gather every day. The free pass tickets cost JPY 2,900 for low season and JPY 3,300 for peak season. You can find out when is considered to be low and high season from their website. You can enjoy all of their themes within 110 minutes with this free pass ticket. If you don’t think you can fully enjoy 110 minutes due to some reasons, you can also buy 1-play-ticket which costs JPY 1,000. Currently Shibuya branch operates 8 themes in total. Read More

Enjoy Sumo in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Sumo is Japanese traditional wrestling where wrestlers try to force their opponents out of small circular ring or make opponents touch the ground with any part of their body. Sumo is not just a sport to Japanese people since it has ritual and religious background. It is usually said that sumo is somehow related to Shinto, which is Japanese traditional religion.

Sumo has some aspects which cannot be understood well in modern society; women cannot even enter the ring. It is famous that sumo was criticized by people all over the world recently due to the fact that they barred one woman who was giving first aid to a man who collapsed in a sumo ring. They say women cannot enter here because sumo ring is considered to be sacred. Well… I cannot agree, though. Read More

Try Karaoke in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Karaoke is a form of entertaining place derived from Japan where you can sing songs with background music. If you are from a country where does not have enough Karaoke, I strongly recommend visiting Karaoke while your visit to Japan. You can find Karaoke, which uses whole building only for this entertaining room, anywhere in Japan. In particular, if you are traveling to urban side of Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka, it is very easy to find a place where you can enjoy Karaoke for a long time.

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