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Through our previous article, we have looked for the way to rent a house or flat in Japan. Despite of the size of room, we have desire to project our values and lifestyles to our room. You will not have to worry about buying furniture if you decide to live in share house. However, if you are renting a flat you have to buy everything from lighting lamp to bed. In this article, I will introduce several shops where you can buy interior products and furniture.



[source : https://www.nitori-net.jp/store/ja/ec/]

Nitori is Japanese version of IKEA. You can buy a lot of types of furniture with reasonable price; however, some items are DIY style. If you are willing to pay more, for sure, the staff will make it and place it into your favorite place as well. Pots and pans, microwave, bed, closets, dining table, sofa, TV board, and even Christmas tree… Nitori has nearly everything we need in our daily life. Here is also good place to shop for people who live in share house because Nitori sells bedding sets, cups and plates.

ベッドソファ(B1T-S GY/ CL)

[source : https://www.nitori-net.jp/wcsstore/ec/images]

If you visit Nitori, you can also see interior examples. All stuff are from Nitori so you can buy right away if you wish to. You can also find your favorite interior design if you didn’t know what is your dream room so far. If you want to buy bed or sofa, you can also customize it with your taste. You can choose your favorite material and color bed frame as well as softness, thickness, and materials of mattress. It is same for sofa as well. You can choose the color of sofa and which leather to use. You bought a big tv for your spacious room? You can also find a gorgeous television board at Nitori.


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IKEA is a Swedish-founded group that designs and sells furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories. You may have seen IKEA in your country at least one time. The price and quality is very similar to Nitori; however, the difference comes from furniture. Sine Nitori is Japanese brand, most items are designed with Japanese sense while IKEA features European spirit through their products. It totally depends on your preference where to buy things to furnish your room.

Similar to other furniture shops, IKEA also features many different types of interiors in their store. It looks similar but you can find slightly different themed products here in IKEA. IKEA is usually located in suburban areas because here requires pretty much space for making show rooms. You can also order through online if you don’t have enough time to visit here.


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[source : https://www.muji.com/hk-en/campaign/LD_series/]

MUJI is another place where you can shop for furniture. Though MUJI is not specialized in furniture only, they sell pretty enough stuff to furnish your house. MUJI’s products are usually very simple but we can find beauty out from this simple concept. Compare to Nitori and IKEA, the price is way more expensive. For example, one fabric sofa for two people costs more than 800 dollars. Remember, it is not leather. Some stores doesn’t have furniture show room but some have so you’d better check out it first.

tokyu hands

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If you are looking for furniture Tokyu Hands is not a good place. However, it is different if you are in search of interior goods. Tokyu Hands also sell some types of furniture; however, there are not many enough types and it is usually related to office chair and desk. Tokyu Hands is filled with full of sensual items. Modern, cute, lovely, simple… Whatever you are looking for you will be able to find it. You can also find idea products which will make you fun here in Tokyu Hands.

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