Animal Cafes in Japan | wifi rental japan

Pets, dogs and cats for example, give us emotional comfort which cannot be explained in any language. I have a lovely dog in my home country and I always miss her so much. Currently I don’t have pet in my apartment. There are basically two reasons why I cannot and do not want to have pet in Japan. First, it is very difficult to find pet friendly apartment. Second, my personal belief is that leaving pet alone all day long while I am working is one type of serious abuse.

Many different types of animal cafes exist in Tokyo and animal cafes have been expanding its industry gradually. In this article, we will look for several animal cafes located in Tokyo where we can meet adorable animals. However, as some of you could have guessed from my sentence above, ethical issues can be raised about this topic. I will try my best to introduce animal cafes where they are ethically being treated well enough. Read More

Explore Kitakyushu | wifi rental japan

In many previous articles, we have talked about major cities in Japan like Tokyo. Different from other topics, today we are going to talk about small city in Fukuoka prefecture, Kitakyushu. This small city is famous for abundant tour spots such as wisteria garden and Kokura castle. If you are traveling to Fukuoka city, it is very easy to visit Kokura as well since it takes only about 15 minutes from Hakata station to Kokura station by Shinkansen Bullet Train. In this article, we will explore what to enjoy and eat in Kitakyushu. Read More

Advantages of Using wifi rental japan | wifi rental japan


Having pocket wifi during your travel to Japan makes your trip much easier and more comfortable. Roaming on your phone will cost a lot, and there are not many free wireless hotspots in Japan. There is a limitation of using data even if you buy a sim card, and some sim cards will make you angry by its low speed. So, what we recommend for tourists who want to stay connected 24/7 and have exciting journey without having worries about data, is to use wifi rental services, which is also known as pocket wifi. Read More

[ECBO CLOAK] Use Luggage Storage System in Japan | wifi rental japan

We always face a critical issue when packing suitcases before traveling to somewhere. How many clothes should I bring? Do I need to bring shower products such as shampoo and body soap? Wait… My skin gets in trouble if I use hotel amenities. Okay, I will bring my own cleansing foam and body soap. By the way, how about hair dryer?!

We all acknowledge that bringing too many stuff to travel destination will make ourselves get tired easily. In addition to this, you may already have experience of not using your favorite stuff you brought with confidence like “I will definitely use it. I really need it!”. Yes, not even once. However, I still understand that many of us want to bring a lot of things. I don’t know why but I always feel like everything in my room will be in need before travel. Then I start thinking like “What the heck is inside this bag? It’s so heavy that I wish I can throw it away if I can!” Read More

Try Japanese Kakigori(Ice Flakes) in Tokyo! | wifi rental japan

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Kakigori is a shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and many different types of toppings. It is surprising that quite a lot of Japanese people line up under melting hot weather to have kakigori. Some shaved ice are made by water while others are made by milk. Personally I prefer to have one with shaved condensed milk since it feels softer and creamier. In this article, we will look for where to have kakigori in Tokyo.


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Himitsudo is one of the most famous dessert places in Tokyo especially in summer. Despite hot weather, you will be able to see a lot of people lining up in front of this store to taste their mouthwatering kakigori. Their most famous menu is a kakigori topped with strawberry and syrups. They also have different menu and the ingredients used for kakigori changes by season. One kakigori costs around 9~10 dollars and they have different menus such as soup and toast as well. Read More

Driving Spots Near Tokyo | wifi rental japan

Living in Tokyo is very exciting. This big city is full of interesting attractions and mouthwatering foods. It has never been boring since I moved to Japan. However, we need something different from time to time. Exploring Tokyo is fun enough, but sometimes we want to go to further places. It is time for us to rent a car and go for a drive. Be careful if you drive on the right side in your home country since Japan adopts left hand drive.

Driving in a jammed city is very stressful. Imagine if you are driving a car with scenic views of nature and there are almost no cars. Different from city, it gives us feeling of freedom. In this article, we will look for several places we can go with a car from Tokyo. Read More

Enjoy Nature Near Tokyo! | wifi rental japan

Nature is very mysterious. Humans have been destroying it under the name of development for decades and decades. It seemed like humans are rulers of Nature; however, humans become nothing in front of Mother Nature at the same time. One of the reasons why I like to travel abroad is because I can enjoy each country’s nature. Mother nature makes me feel overwhelmed and the word ‘beautiful’ is never enough to describe what I am looking at.

Unfortunately, there are not enough opportunities to enjoy nature if you are staying only in big cities in Japan such as Tokyo or Osaka. However, there still is a chance. If you are ready to step a bit outside from city, all different types of nature will be waiting for you. In this article, we will look for where to enjoy nature near Tokyo. Read More

*FREE SHIPMENT/JPY900* Rent a Pocket Wifi in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Are you planning a travel to Japan? If so, did you also know that there are not many free wireless hotspots in Japan? Nowadays Japan is trying to increase the number of free wifi zones, however, it is still very hard to those places. In particular, the lack of free wireless hotspots are not satisfying few millions tourists who visit Japan every year.

It will be embarrassing if you cannot connect to internet when you need to search for transportation system or the way to get to your destination. Getting lost sometimes gives us a lot of fun and memorable moments, but it usually is annoying because it makes us waste precious time and disturb our move on. So, what we recommend for tourists who want to stay connected 24/7 and have exciting journey, is to use wifi rental services, which is also known as pocket wifi. Pocket wifi is light and portable so you can bring it anywhere. Read More

Halal Foods in Japan | wifi rental japan

According to dictionary, religion is a cultural system of designated behaviors and practice, morals, worldviews, ethics, and organizations. Some people see religion just as an interesting studying field while others take it as the reason why they live. I, personally, don’t believe in certain religion but have some experiences of visiting temple and church.

Some religions strictly ban their people from eating certain food. One of the representative example can be halal foods with Muslim.  Halal is an Arabic word and this means lawful or permitted. I have had several Muslim friends while studying in Japan, and saw them always trying to find halal ingredients. And yes, finding halal restaurants or supermarkets was not so easy. In this article, we will look for where you can get halal foods and ingredients in Tokyo. Read More

Things You Should Know Before Renting Mobile WiFi | wifi rental japan

We always confront unexpected situations in life. It happens when you are using wifi-rental-japan’s wifi router as well. You may have to meet situations you would never want to meet. Losing internet connection in the middle of your trip can be one example. There are a lot of situations you would face and sometimes it will bother you a lot. In this article, we will talk about the main problems you may have during your rental period and how to solve it.

WIFI SUDDENLY slowed down!

It’s TOO slow… i can’t stand this anymore. I cannot connect to the internet well and it takes thousands of thousands of thousands hours to watch videos. It was okay until last night. It didn’t have any problems! What is going on my wifi router? Read More