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In many previous articles, we have talked about major cities in Japan like Tokyo. Different from other topics, today we are going to talk about small city in Fukuoka prefecture, Kitakyushu. This small city is famous for abundant tour spots such as wisteria garden and Kokura castle. If you are traveling to Fukuoka city, it is very easy to visit Kokura as well since it takes only about 15 minutes from Hakata station to Kokura station by Shinkansen Bullet Train. In this article, we will explore what to enjoy and eat in Kitakyushu.

kokura castle

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[source : https://www.theresident.co.uk/lifestyle-london]

Kokura castle was built in 1602 and once burnt down from a fire in 1837. It was reconstructed in 1959 and now it became the only castle left in Fukuoka Prefecture. Kokura castle is located very near from shopping mall so that it is easy to visit here if you are traveling Kitakyushu. Here becomes more beautiful when it comes to sakura(cherry blossom) season. A beautiful castle colored with white and petals of cherry blossoms make very peaceful atmosphere. The entrance fee is JPY 300 per person.

kawachi wisteria garden

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Kawachi Wisteria Garden is a private garden located in Kitakyushu. Sadly it is not possible to visit here whenever you want. This garden opens only for wisteria season and in a peak time you will have to buy entrance tickets in advance. You can walk around this 100-meter-long tunnel fully covered with wisteria and the entrance fee costs JPY 500-1,500 depending on season.

mojiko retro

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Mojiko, which means Moji Port, was one of major ports in 19th century. Though now here does not play a role as major port of Japan anymore, Mojiko Retro remains as a popular tour spot. It takes about 15 minutes from Kokura station to Mojiko station by JR line so you can feel free to visit Mojiko if you are traveling to Kitakyushu.

(1) Banana Man

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Thanks to the existence of Banana Man, Banana related products are famous in Mojiko. We need to go back to history to see why bananas became famous in Mojiko. As I explained above, Mojiko was one of major ports in Japan and this naturally can be connected to the concept that many products were in trade through Moji Port. Mojiko was a place to import bananas from South East Asia and that’s why banana became a specialty in this area.

(2) Yaki Curry

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[source : https://www.crossroadfukuoka.jp/en/event]

Yaki curry is one thing you can enjoy in Mojiko. It simply is a rice with curry topped with cheese heated in oven. It started around 60 years ago and has been loved by local Japanese and foreign tourists for a long time. You will actually be able to see a lot of people lining up in front of famous yaki curry restaurant before they open.

Mount Sarakura

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Want to enjoy amazing night view in Kitakyushu? There is no time to hesitate. Go to Mount Sarakura and you will be able to enjoy awesome night views of kitakyushu! Here has been voted as Japan’s 3 night scapes and you can view entire city on the top of the mountain. There is a slope car operating with 360 degrees glass view and it only costs JPY 200 per one person!

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