Wanna Get Beauty Treatments in Japan? | wifi rental japan

It is obvious that Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, not only in terms of economy and technologies but beauty industry. Japanese beauty products from skin care to make up items are famous for its high quality and you can reach to these items wherever in Japan, especially drug stores. However, some people want more than just buying cosmetic. Some seek for beauty services such as eyelash extension and nail cares. If you want to book beauty salons in Japan, using hot pepper beauty is very convenient.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 2 Shibuya : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

Have you heard of Shibuya scramble? If you are planning a trip to Tokyo, I guess you may have heard of this. Shibuya is one of the most colorful districts where young people gather in Japan. Everday, teenagers and people in early 20s who are in love with fashion gather here because there are so many unique shops here in Shibuya.

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(1) Department Stores : Tokyu, Marui, Takashimaya, Seibu

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Just like other department stores in this world, you can find your favorite brand’s clothes or fashion accessories like bags and shoes in these places. But the interesting things is that you can also have a time to look for Japanese brands, which may be hard to see in your own country. Looking around department stores will be the best chance to have window shopping and see how Japanese high brand products look like.
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The Importance of Having Insurance | wifi rental japan

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Did you prepare all things you need for making an awesome travel to Japan? If you chose to rent a pocket wifi through wifi rental japan, I would say you have made the best choice. There is one thing you should be careful when renting something, it is insurance.
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*JPY600/DAY* Use Unlimited Data in Japan | wifi rental japan

Booking pocket wifi for your travel to Japan is essential thing which you must prepare in advance. Using pocket wifi during your trip will enable you to move on time as you planned, search for transportation information, and get in touch your families and friends in your country. You can also upload your status and memorable moments to your SNS like facebook and instagram.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 1 Shinjuku : Attractions | wifi rental japan

Well… Going for shopping and having nice meals are not everything about good travel. Yes, you definitely need an entertainment. things to enjoy! Here are some places you will love to visit.


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Kabukicho, which is a red light district in Shinjuku, is full of entertainments. As it is red light district, you can literally buy “love” here, if you have a burning hole in your pocket. In addition to this, you can find many kyabakura, a hostess club which can be translated in ‘cabaret club’ in English, and host clubs. However, these night cultures are not everything about Kabukicho.
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Why You Need to Choose wifi rental japan | wifi rental japan


Having pocket wifi during your travel to Japan makes your trip much easier and more comfortable. Roaming on your phone will cost a lot, and there are not many free wireless hotspots in Japan. There is a limitation of using data even if you buy a sim card, and some sim cards will make you angry by its low speed. So, what we recommend for tourists who want to stay connected 24/7 and have exciting journey without having worries about data, is to use wifi rental services, which is also known as pocket wifi.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 1 Shinjuku : Restaurants | wifi rental japan

One thing you should never miss in Japan is to enjoy Japanese food. As we have already introduced in our previous posting, Shinjuku is one of the most vibrant places in Japan, and this means you can find tons of restaurants here.

omoide yokocho : YAKITORI STREET

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OMOIDE YOKOCHO, located near west exit of Shinjuku station, is famous for yakitori, which means grilled chicken in Japanese, and its traditional atmosphere. You may feel this street is very narrow so it is even hard to pass. However, it will be the greatest place to enjoy real Japanese life as well as the greatest chance to see how to make yakitori just in front of your eyes.
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Why You Need a Pocket WiFi in Japan | wifi rental japan

「wifi clipart free」の画像検索結果Staying connected during your travel to Japan is very important. Getting online will let you find the way to get to your destination and search for fascinating attractions and restaurants easily. There are some free wireless(WiFi) hotspots in Japan, however, you will have difficulty with finding it due to its limited numbers. In particular, it is almost impossible to find free wifi connection except for places like airport and some specific cafes if you are planning to go to small cities. So, what we recommend for tourists who want to stay connected 24/7 and have exciting journey, is to use wifi rental services, which is also known as pocket wifi.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 1 Shinjuku : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

It is nearly impossible to talk about Tokyo without mentioning Shinjuku. Shinjuku is absolutely one of the most vibrant and crowded places in Japan where is full of offices, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. Everyday people from all over the world gather here to feel and enjoy how modern Japan looks like.


FASHION Shopping Malls

If you are a fashion lover, just hanging around Shinjuku will give you a satisfaction. Tons of shopping spots with various styles are waiting for you just around the corner.

(1) Department Stores; Isetan, Takashimaya, Marui, Keio, and Odakyu
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