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[source : https://theculturetrip.com/asia/japan/articles]

In previous article, which was introducing Rishiri Island, I shortly mentioned about Ainu people in Japan. Today, I am going to explain some historical sites where you can experience and feel Ainu people, culture, and their life. The Ainu are indigenous people in Japan, especially in Hokkaido Prefecture, and their culture settled down in Japan a lot in advance than mainstream Japan. The number of officially registered Ainu people in Japan are about 25,000; however, it is estimated that more than 200,000 Ainu people are living in Japan.

As I described in previous article, Japanese government, long time ago, thought Ainu culture is not developed and uncivilized. Ainu people have been discriminated by society until now, knowingly or unknowingly, and this made them becoming isolated from living harmoniously with mainstream Japan. This different eyes toward Ainu people made them hide their name, language, and culture. Some Ainu people moved to big city tried hard to live like a mainstream Japanese; however, they needed to come back to their hometown if any other people knew they are actually Ainu.
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