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As I have already mentioned for several times, Akihabara is famous for Otaku culture. Naturally, there are many attractions related to Japanese anime, manga, or games. The interesting point of walking around the streets in Akihabara is that you can see many young girls and boys dressed like an anime or manga characters. They are either costume players or staff hired by some cafes and restaurants to catch passenger’s eyes.

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There are a lot of maid cafes all over in Japan, however, Akihabara is the origin of the this crazy boom of maid cafe. Basically you can see maid cafes wherever in Akihabara. If you turn your head to left side, there will be a girl dressed as a maid and tries to get customers to her working place, yes, maid cafe. Same thing happens even if you turn your sight to right side as well. Some maid cafes have become one kind of big corporate so they operate 7~8 maid cafes only in Akihabara. If we think of whole Japan, the branches they have will increase. This phenomenon shows that there are demands of many Japanese people and foreign tourists who love to visit here and enjoy this culture.
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