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Do you like horror movies? Some people will say yes while others say no. It seems like it is hard to find middle stance regarding horror movies. Personally I felt western horror movies tend to focus on ‘haunted house’ while Asian movies focus on personal stories of ghost such as why she became ghost. Japanese horror movies are very famous so that some have been remade as Hollywood movies. In this article, we will look for several Japanese horror movies and its main stories.

The ring series

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If you feel like you have ever seen this circle mark, it means you know or at least indirectly have seen some part of movie ‘the ring’. A long hair woman with white one-piece type clothes… A typical type of ghost in Japan and some Asian countries. You can also find a book but it is different to see and watch all the time. Thanks to its popularity, the movie has been remade in the U.S several times. Read More