High-End Shopping in Tokyo | wifi rental japan

Shopping sometimes gives us a lot of pleasure. Travel abroad for shopping can give you a lot more fun than usual. Tokyo is a best place for shopaholics. From cheap clothes and fashion accessories to luxurious brands, you can find the best shopping place for everyone. Besides, you can also find a lot of unique clothing stores where you can try on specific fashion such as goth-loli. However, what we are going to focus on today is where to buy high-end brands in Tokyo.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 8 Ginza : Attractions | wifi rental japan

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[source : http://jpninfo.com/28976]

This fascinating high-end district in Tokyo offers fabulous shopping opportunities and fancy restaurants to you. If you could have a lot of fun at upmarket fashion shops and fine dining restaurants, it’s time to enjoy attractions. Some of you may not be really interested in shopping so you might think you don’t have to visit Ginza. However, there still are a lot of things you can enjoy in Ginza except going for shopping and dining.

kabukiza theater

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[source : www.shimz.co.jp/en/topics/construction/item01/content02/]

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Tokyo Travel Guide 8 Ginza : Restaurants | wifi rental japan

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In my previous article, we have looked for some shopping places in Ginza. Ginza is basically famous for luxury shopping so here will be the greatest place if you want to buy high end brand products with tax free price. However, this is not all about Ginza. There are also a lot of places where you can have nice meals. As Ginza is well-known for luxury shopping, let’s focus on luxury eats in this article as well.

bvlgari restaurant ginza

[source : http://www.bulgarihotels.com/ja_JP/tokyo-osaka-restaurants]

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Tokyo Travel Guide 8 Ginza : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

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If you are planning to visit Japan, you may have heard of this area at least one time. Ginza! The most expensive area in Tokyo! Ginza is definitely high-end shopping district in Japan. This area is full of department stores and high-end international brands. Just having a cup of coffee will cost JPY 800~1,000. If you need a piece of cake with coffee at a fancy cafe, well, you will have to pay at least JPY 2,000~3,000. (Of course there are places where you can have coffee with reasonable price as well.)

department stores

(1) Mitsukoshi Department Store

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[source : https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/shopping/ginza-mitsukoshi]

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