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If you ever traveled to Japan, you might have seen some places look like a game center. There are uncountable machines lining inside the store and people are sitting down in front of it and doing something with their hand. Sometimes you can also see some people have boxes fully filled with small silver balls. So, what is this place for? Why everybody in this place is looking at screen with serious face?

Here is a place called as “pachinko”, where you can enjoy Japanese style gambling. Pachinko is a type of recreational arcade game, which is usually considered as gambling device, and it resembles slot machines in Western gambling. Similar to some other countries, gambling for cash is illegal in Japan. Therefore, it is also illegal to directly change pachinko balls to cash. There is a “special” way to change it to money, which will be introduced later on. In this article, we will look for the history of pachinko, how to play it, and how to change balls to money.
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