Rent a House in Japan Part 2 : Flat | wifi rental japan

What is an image of house to you? What is the typical image of house in your country? I used to live in a city, for a short term, where is usually considered to be very expensive to live, and needed to pay 1,400 dollars per month for renting one room. It was a share house. I needed to share bathroom, living room, and kitchen with others but rental fee was unbelievable!

There are several conditions you have to check in advance when you are planning to rent a flat in Japan. First, there are mainly 3 types of houses in Japan; wooden, steel frame, steel concrete. Wooden houses are cheap but it is cold in winter and hot in summer. In addition, noise issues can be raised since you will be able to listen to upstairs sound of footsteps. Steel frame houses are better than wooden house, but it still has the problem of noise. Steel concrete houses are the best option when thinking about noise and temperature; however, it is usually very expensive.
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