Top 5 Souvenirs You Can Buy in Japan Part 2 : Things | wifi rental japan

Doll in a doll! Be careful, it is not ham in a can. Matryoshka is a popular souvenir which can be bought in Russia. It is nesting doll and it usually consists of 5 or more dolls in total. Like Matryoshka, each country has its representative souvenirs. For example, I bought a maple shape key chain in Canada. So does Japan. There are a lot of souvenirs you can buy in Japan from traditional to modern things. In this article, we will look for what kind of souvenirs we can find in Japan except for sweets.
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Top 5 Souvenirs You Can Buy in Japan Part 1 : Sweets | wifi rental japan

Some people, like me, feel exhausted and empty after finishing all the trip and coming back home. It makes us have hard time to get back to reality from time to time. However, having a memory of traveling somewhere can be a great driving force to progress our life. For example, I have an experience of traveling North America for a month about 5 years ago. This memory still is a motive force which makes me keep moving my life and wish someday I will be able to visit there again.
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Top 5 Items You Must Buy At Don Quijote in Japan | wifi rental japan

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Don Quijote is a discounted store in Japan with more than 150 stores. It depends on which branch of Don Quijote you visit; however, basically you can find whatever your want from snacks to electronics. As Don Quijote provides a lot of practical and funny items with reasonable price, it is also good idea to buy souvenirs to bring back here. Every day tons of foreign tourists visit Don Quijote to shop souvenirs and their tax free counter enables you to have items with cheaper price. In this article, we will introduce top 5 items you should buy at Don Quijote in Japan.
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