Transportation in Tokyo 3 : Taxi | wifi rental japan

You are tired. You don’t even have power to move one step forward. Looking back you find heavy luggage waiting for you This is just disaster! At that time you find one beautiful yellow(or black) taxi waiting for the traffic signal just in front of you. And nobody’s in there! Would you take a taxi to your destination or not?

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Some people(like me) don’t take taxi in Japan because they are afraid of high fares. In some countries you can find there is almost no difference in fare between taking taxi and using other public transport such as train and bus. However, it’s totally different in Japan. Using trains or buses is already expensive enough but taking taxi JUST costs a lot. What I think is that sparing chances of taking taxi is very important for saving your travel budget. Try to take taxi only when you are with too many and heavy luggage. It it also good idea to share taxi fare with your travel mates if you really want to take a taxi.
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