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In this amazing district in Tokyo, you can enjoy wide range of food from small snacks to gorgeous meal. We have separated Harajuku to three big categories in previous article, which are Cat street, Takeshita street, and Omotesando. Since each of the street has strong characteristic, especially regarding budget, the information about eatery will be also divided into three categories in this article.

takeshita street

If I have to compare Takeshita street, Cat street, and Omotesando, I would like to say you can enjoy cheap eats in Takeshita street. If you love sweets such as parfait and crepes, here is the perfect place for you. You will find a lot of sweets shops lining up on this road and massive people lining up for having it as well. If you go there in summer you are going to have hard time lining up under super hot weather, but it deserves to do.
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