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One of the best things you can enjoy in Roppongi is the fact that Tokyo Tower is quite near. If you go up to the top floor of Roppongi Hills building, you can enjoy the night view of skyscrapers in Tokyo for free. Of course, you will also have to see the illumination of Tokyo Tower if you are lucky enough. Personally, I believe where to eat and what to eat, these two are the most important factors to make good travel.

In my previous posting, I explained about Roppongi Hills area shortly. To summarize, Roppongi Hills was planned and made. Roppongi area was considered to be dangerous before since it was strongly connected with mafia in Japan, however, the atmosphere totally changed after its development. Many countries focused on the process and the owner tried their best to persuade landlords who lived there for a long time. It took long time and they succeeded.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 9 Roppongi : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

Have you heard the term ‘Roppongi Hills’? Roppongi Hills is located in the heart of Roppongi and this initially was a development project in Tokyo. Though it has become well-known to foreign tourists, the history of Roppongi Hills is not so long. Here opened in 2003 and the building complex filled with a lot of offices was established. Roppongi somewhat has an image of grey since people usually think of offices and companies when hearing the word Roppongi.
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