Tokyo Travel Guide 2 Shibuya : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

Have you heard of Shibuya scramble? If you are planning a trip to Tokyo, I guess you may have heard of this. Shibuya is one of the most colorful districts where young people gather in Japan. Everday, teenagers and people in early 20s who are in love with fashion gather here because there are so many unique shops here in Shibuya.

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(1) Department Stores : Tokyu, Marui, Takashimaya, Seibu

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Just like other department stores in this world, you can find your favorite brand’s clothes or fashion accessories like bags and shoes in these places. But the interesting things is that you can also have a time to look for Japanese brands, which may be hard to see in your own country. Looking around department stores will be the best chance to have window shopping and see how Japanese high brand products look like.
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