Transportation in Tokyo 2 : Subway&Trains | wifi rental japan

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We have checked how to take buses in Japan on previous article and I informed you that I would introduce train and subway systems in Japan. I think most of you who are visiting Tokyo will mainly use train because you can basically go whenever you want by train. It is also possible to move from Tokyo to somewhere else in Japan by trains if you are willing to spend at least 2~3 days only for moving.

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Same concept can be applied to trains and subway as well for the usage of trains and subway. Do you remember PASMO and SUICA which are smart transportation cards? Taking trains and subway will become much easier if you have these cards. It will be helpful for you to save time since buying paper tickets from ticket machines requires you to find your destination among uncountable stations and sometimes they don’t even mention the name of station. In this case, you have to find your destination from a big map and check how much it costs. Therefore, having smart cards plays an important role when traveling Japan. Charge and ta pit. Everything will finish with these two actions.
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Transportation in Tokyo 1 : BUS | wifi rental japan

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Japan is well known for its expensive transportation fee. If you are from a country where requires you to pay a lot for using public transportation you will not be surprised by Japanese system as well. On the other hand, you will get shocked if you came from a country where you can use transportation with low fee. In some countries, you can transfer from one to another, for instance, from subway to bus, without paying extra charge. However, there is no such concept of free transfer in Japan so that you will have to pay every single time you use subway or bus.
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[ECBO CLOAK] Use Luggage Storage System in Japan | wifi rental japan

We always face a critical issue when packing suitcases before traveling to somewhere. How many clothes should I bring? Do I need to bring shower products such as shampoo and body soap? Wait… My skin gets in trouble if I use hotel amenities. Okay, I will bring my own cleansing foam and body soap. By the way, how about hair dryer?!

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We all acknowledge that bringing too many stuff to travel destination will make ourselves get tired easily. In addition to this, you may already have experience of not using your favorite stuff you brought with confidence like “I will definitely use it. I really need it!”. Yes, not even once. However, I still understand that many of us want to bring a lot of things. I don’t know why but I always feel like everything in my room will be in need before travel. Then I start thinking like “What the heck is inside this bag? It’s so heavy that I wish I can throw it away if I can!”
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Tokyo Travel Guide 1 Shinjuku : Attractions | wifi rental japan

Well… Going for shopping and having nice meals are not everything about good travel. Yes, you definitely need an entertainment. things to enjoy! Here are some places you will love to visit.


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Kabukicho, which is a red light district in Shinjuku, is full of entertainments. As it is red light district, you can literally buy “love” here, if you have a burning hole in your pocket. In addition to this, you can find many kyabakura, a hostess club which can be translated in ‘cabaret club’ in English, and host clubs. However, these night cultures are not everything about Kabukicho.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 1 Shinjuku : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

It is nearly impossible to talk about Tokyo without mentioning Shinjuku. Shinjuku is absolutely one of the most vibrant and crowded places in Japan where is full of offices, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. Everyday people from all over the world gather here to feel and enjoy how modern Japan looks like.


FASHION Shopping Malls

If you are a fashion lover, just hanging around Shinjuku will give you a satisfaction. Tons of shopping spots with various styles are waiting for you just around the corner.

(1) Department Stores; Isetan, Takashimaya, Marui, Keio, and Odakyu
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