Animal Cafes in Japan | wifi rental japan

Pets, dogs and cats for example, give us emotional comfort which cannot be explained in any language. I have a lovely dog in my home country and I always miss her so much. Currently I don’t have pet in my apartment. There are basically two reasons why I cannot and do not want to have pet in Japan. First, it is very difficult to find pet friendly apartment. Second, my personal belief is that leaving pet alone all day long while I am working is one type of serious abuse.

Many different types of animal cafes exist in Tokyo and animal cafes have been expanding its industry gradually. In this article, we will look for several animal cafes located in Tokyo where we can meet adorable animals. However, as some of you could have guessed from my sentence above, ethical issues can be raised about this topic. I will try my best to introduce animal cafes where they are ethically being treated well enough. Read More