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Nakameguro is a popular tour spot for tourists during spring season. The thing makes here famous is sakura, which can be translated in cherry blossoms in English. There is a river called Meguro River in this area and every spring about 800 cherry blossom trees surround here, which covers more than 2 kilometers in total. There is an annual event of making these trees get illuminated beautifully.

However, cherry blossom is not the only thing about Nakameguro. Nakameguro is a popular residential area for Japanese people due to its peaceful and convenient environment. There are a lot of cafes and boutiques which satisfy people’s demand of high-end lifestyle. Yes, here is a place for people who can afford upper class lifestyle. In addition to this, it is hard to find hotels or hostels since here is mainly considered as residential area. But I never said there’s nothing you can enjoy other than walking under cherry blossom trees. In this article, we will look for shops in Nakameguro.
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