Tokyo Travel Guide 4 Ikebukuro : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

If you arrived in Haneda airport, it’s very easy to go to Ikebukuro. It will take below 1 hour if you take limousine bus and it only costs around JPY 1200. I would like to describe Ikebukuro as a mysterious place. Ikebukuro has its specific features which are different from other popular districts in Japan like Shinjuku and Shibuya.

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Here is not as grey as Shinjuku where is full of office buildings. Here is not as dazzling as Shinjuku’s red light districts. Also, here does not give the feeling of youth like Shibuya. However, the thing is that Ikebukuro has both images of Shinjuku and Shibuya. It doesn’t feel very young but it still gives feeling of youth and individuality. It’s not big but not small as well. Why don’t you explore this interesting district?
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How to Use Free Wifi in Japan? | wifi rental japan

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In our first article, we have introduced several places where you can use wifi for free. Many of the tourists who have visited Japan recently keep saying that Japan is experiencing the lack of Free Wireless Hotspots. Places such as airports, hotels, and some cafes provide free wifi to their passengers or customers for sure. However, it is not possible for you to stay at those places during whole your trip. You need to go outside and walk around every nook and corner in Japan because that’s one of the charms of traveling unknown places.
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