To Customers Who Pick Up Routers at Airport

We will send pocket WiFi to post office or designated delivery counter at your selected airport

You can use pocket WiFi immediately after you arrive in Japan.

How to Pick-up

Please pick up pocket WiFi at post office or designated delivery counter.

【Post office】
  • Followings are required for pick-up.
  • Identification card (passport · driver's license etc)
  • Tracking Number (We will let you know tracking number by email after shipment.)
  • Please be aware of business hours.
  • When applying, be sure to write “flight number” and “arrival time” (Example: JL123/13:00)
  • Please order at least 2 days before your pick-up date.
【QL liner counter】
【JAL ABC Counter】

How to Return

Please drop pocket WiFi in any post box in Japan before you leave. There are post boxes inside airport so you can use pocket WiFi until the last minute in Japan.

Advantages of Using wifi-rental-japan

  • We deliver pocket WiFi to your preferred location.
  • You can use high-speed 4G data anywhere, anytime in Japan.
  • It is easy to pick-up and return.
  • You can use unlimited data with only JPY600/day.
  • You can connect up to 14 devices to one pocket WiFi.

List of Post Office and Delivery Counters at Airport

Airport Name Address Business hours
Narita International Airport
post office Terminal 1

〒282-8799 Chiba Prefecture, Narita, Sanrizuka, Goryobokujo 1-1, 4F

[open all year round]Map
Terminal 2

〒282-8799 Chiba Prefecture, Narita, Furugome 1-1, 3F

[open all year round] Map
QL liner Home Delivery Counter Narita International Airport T1 North Wing Arrival Lobby QL Liner

〒282-8799 Chiba Prefecture, Narita, Goryobokujo 1-1, 1F North Wing QL Liner

6:30~the last flight
[open all year round]Map
Narita International Airport T1 South Wing Arrival Lobby QL liner

〒282-8799 Chiba Prefecture, Narita, Goryobokujo 1-1, 1F South Wing QL Liner

6:30~the last flight
[open all year round]Map
Narita International Airport T2 Arrival Lobby QL liner

〒282-8799 Chiba prefecture, Narita, Kogome 1-1, 1F QL liner

6:30~the last flight
[open all year round]Map
Haneda Airport
Post office Haneda Airport Post Office

〒144-0041 Tokyo, Ota-ku 3-3-2, Haneda Airport Terminal 1, 1F
Haneda Airport Post Office

[Saturdays-and-Sundays public holiday closed]Map
JAL ABC counter International Terminal 2F Arrival Lobby JAL ABC counter

〒144-0041 Tokyo, Ota-ku 2-3-5, Haneda Airport International Terminal, 2F
Haneda JAL ABC Counter

Open 24 hours
[open all year round]Map
Kansai International Airport
Post office Izumisano Post Office KIX branch

〒549-0011 Osaka, Sennan, Tajiri-cho, Senshu-kuko-naka 1
Izumisano post office KIX branch

[open all year round]Map
JAL ABC counter Kansai International Airport T1 Arrival Lobby JAL ABC counter

〒549-0011 Osaka, Sennan, Tajiri-cho, Senshu-kuko-naka 1, 1F
JAL ABC Counter

[open all year round]Map
Osaka International (Itami) Airport
Post office Toyonaka Post Office Osaka International Airport Branch

〒560-0036 Osaka, Toyonakashi, Hotarugaike Nisimachi 3-555

[open all year round]Map
Chūbu Centrair International Airport
Post office Tokoname Post Office Centrair Branch

〒479-8799 Aichi Prefecture, Tokoname, Centrair 1-1

[Saturdays-and-Sundays public holiday closedMap
New Chitose Airport
Post office Chitose Post Office New Chitose Airport Branch

〒066-0012 Hokkaido, Chitose, Bibi 987-22, 2F

[open all year round]Map
Kagoshima Airport
Post office Kagoshima Airport Post Office

〒899-6404 Kagoshima Prefecture, Kirishima, Mizobechofumoto 822

[Saturdays-and-Sundays public holiday closed]Map