1. About service

  • Q. Is it possible for a foreigner to rent a pocket WiFi and use it?

    -- A. Yes! We provide an English manual with WiFi router.

  • Q. I don’t live in Japan. Can I rent a pocket WiFi without having Japanese address?

    --A. Yes. You can pick up pocket WiFi at post office or designated delivery counter located in airport or at our store in Shinjuku.

    We also ship to hotels and guest house.

    * Please note that you cannot use Airbnb addresses as pick-up location.

    * There must be a person in charge who can receive pocket WiFi at any time before your arrival in Japan.

  • Q. Can I use pocket WiFi for smartphones and laptops made abroad?

    --A. If your device has WiFi function, you can use it.

  • Q. Where in Japan can I use it?

    --A. Please check the website below for corresponding areas of Ymobile 603HW.

  • Q. What are accessories?

    --A. AC adapter・USB cable・product pouch.

  • Q. Is it easy to use?

    --A. Yes it is. First, please turn on pocket WiFi by sliding the power button. Second, touch [SSID] icon then the password(security key) will show up.

    Third, select SSID from your device and get online by entering password. You are set!


    If you keep turning on pocket WiFi without connecting any device for 10 minutes, it will automatically turn into sleep mode.

    In this case, please restart pocket WiFi.

  • Q. Is the usage of data limited?

    --A. The advance mode of Ymobile 603HW provides unlimited data usage; however, a limit of 7GB per month will be applied if you use Standard Mode.

    Click below to check where you can use unlimited data.


    * If you use 10GB with either advance or standard mode within 3 days, speed limit will be applied in order to avoid congestion.

    * The limit will be applied between 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m, starting from next day.

    * If you want to buy extra data after exceeding data limit of standard mode, JPY 500(without tax) per 500MB will be charged.

  • Q. How many devices can I connect to one pocket WiFi?

    --A. You can connect up to 14 devices at once.

  • Q. Can I get fully charged pocket WiFi when I receive it?

    --A. Yes. You will get pocket WiFi charged more than 90%.

  • Q. How do I calculate the rental period?

    --A. The day you pick up pocket WiFi will be rental start date. The last day will be written in the invoice.

  • Q. Can I drop-off the pocket WiFi before rental end date?

    --A. Yes you can. However, there will be no refund for it.

  • Q. Can I extend rental period?

    --A. Yes. We will take the date you sent back pocket WiFi as rental end date. After checking returned item, we will ask you for extension fee.

  • Q. Is it possible to cancel the order after applying?

    --A. We accept cancellation before shipment with full refund. However, half of rental fee will be refunded after shipment.

    In the latter case, please send back pocket WiFi to us as soon as possible.

    * We shall shorten rental period if reception of your order did not go through well.

    * Please contact us as soon as possible after you receive the device.

  • Q. Can I change the order?

    --A. We will accept changes before shipment.


2. About fee

  • Q. Are there any fees other than rental fee?

    --A. No. Rental fee includes shipping fee for pick-up and drop-off. There will be an additional cost if you add insurance.

  • Q. How do I pay?

    --A. You can pay by PayPal or credit cards. We do not accept cash and debit cards.

  • Q. Can I use credit cards made abroad?

    --A. Yes you can. We accept JCB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club.

  • Q. Can I have a receipt?

    --A. Yes, please contact us if you need a receipt. We will email it to you or send it with the rental item.

3. About delivery・return

  • Q. Can I select delivery time?

    --A. Yes you can. We will ship pocket WiFi to your selected location before you arrive in Japan, so you can pick it up as soon as you arrive.

  • Q. I want to use pocket WiFi as soon as possible. Can you send it on the day I apply?

    --A. Yes. If you apply by 5 p.m., we will ship pocket WiFi on that day. In this case, please be careful that you cannot choose delivery time.

    * Applying at least 2 days in advance is recommended. Please contact us first to check the fastest estimated delivered time.

  • Q. Can you send pocket WiFi to the hotel?

    --A. Yes we do deliver to hotels. Please contact us first if you wish to receive pocket WiFi at other specific locations.

  • Q. Where can I receive the pocket WiFi?

    --A. You can pick up pocket WiFi at post office, JAL ABC Counter, or QL Liner located in the airport. You can also pick it up at our Shinjuku store.

    * Please have your ID card with you.

  • Q. How do I return the pocket WiFi?

    --A. Please put all items into the provided pre-paid return envelope. You can drop it in any post box in Japan.

  • Q. Are there any post box in the airport?

    --A. Yes, there are several post boxes in the airport.

    * Please note that there is no post box after security check.

4. About troubles

  • Q. Connection is bad in my room.

    --A. Pocket WiFi may not work well if router and your device are far apart.

    Pocket WiFi and your device can be connected within 15 meters,

    so please try again by putting the router near window or somewhere has a good connection with outside.

  • Q. I cannot connect at all.

    --A. Pocket WiFi may have turned into sleep mode. Please turn off the power of pocket WiFi and turn it on again.

  • Q. I broke Pocket WiFi.

    --A. Regarding malfunctions and water damage made by user's fault, we will ask you to pay for the repair cost.

    However, you will be covered if you signed up for insurance. If wifi router was broken by normal usage, please contact us.

    We will exchange the router to alternative one.

  • Q. I lost the rental items.

    --A. If the rental item(including accessories) is lost, following costs will be charged.


    Rental pouch ¥1,000

    AC adapter ¥4,000

    USB cable ¥2,000

    Pocket WiFi body ¥45,360

    If you signed up for insurance, we will ask you to charge 80% of the total cost.