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Popularity No. 1!Unlimited pocket Wi-Fi 305 ZT.You can use the Internet anywhere in Japan.

Easier to access wherever you are
High speed & Unlimited
Stable data communication

You sense high speed by the tip technology bodily

Recommended for those who want simple connections and speed!

Rental fee JPY 600 / 1 day

Network Y!mobile / Softbank 4G LTE / Softbank 4G
Model Pocket WiFi 305ZT
Method Y!mobile LTE network / Softbank 4G LTE / Softbank 4G
Speed Download187.5Mbps , Upload37.5Mbps

Step 1

Produce feature new technology(carrier aggregation) correspondence

By the carrier aggregation correspondence that bundles up two frequencies and realizes communication. So you can use ultra high speed data communication.

Step 2

High speed Wi-Fi model[IEEE 802.11 ac(5GHz)]

It correspond high speed Wi-Fi communication model(IEEE 802.11ac(GHz)

Because of using 5GHz, it is hard to interfere it with an other electric waves zone and can enjoy stable data communication.

Step 3

It is easier to access 3 high speed network

It became the multi-network where the first correspondence was higher speed in LTE of 2 GHz and became easy to be connected in a wide area

Access it at a stable frequency

depending on a communication state

※This terminal choose network automatically.You cannot choose network yourself please be understanding of this.

Product name Pocket WiFi 305ZT
Size(width(W)×height(H)×deep(D) about W117×H62×D13.9mm(without protrusion)
Weight( at the time of battery pack wearing) about 150g
Continuation transmission time about 9 hour
Continuation wait time(radio LAN OFF ) about 1000hour
Radio LAN a/b/g/n/ac
Number accessible at the correspondence apparatus 14
PCconnection interface USB2.0
Communication method AXGP / LTE / 3G
Maximum communication speed(4G case) LTE download maximum 187.5Mbps/upload maximum
AXGP download maximum165Mbps/upload maximum 10Mbps
Maximum communication speed(3G case) Download maximum 21Mbps/upload maximum 5.7Mbps
Correspondence frequency [4G]900MHz・1.7GHz・2.1GHz・2.5GHz[3G]1.7GHz
Accessories ●micro USB cable
Correspondence PC Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Mac OS X 10.9
Mac OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.7
Mac OS X 10.6

※1It change usage environment or radio wave situation

※2 Internet WI-FI function and multi SSID function cannot use same time

※3 The downing greatest 187.5 Mbps offer area is offering sequentially from an area. It becomes lower than outbound maximum 112.5Mbps,75Mbps,37.5Mbps or it depending on an area of the use. The downing greatest 165Mbps offer area is offering sequentially from an area. Please confirm the details of the area here.It is the maximum in the technical standard based on the best effort method and does not guarantee the biggest transmission rate as effectiveness speed. Transmission might change depend on transmission environment or congestion situation. and The biggest transmission speed varies according to a use area.

※4 Windows®8.1/8/7/Windows Vista®、Mac OS X 10.6/10.7 cope with the japanese edition(32/64bit) but not cope with the Windows®8/7/Windows Vista® of Enterprise/RT edition. It has been checked the operation, but does not guarantee normal movemant in enviornment. In addition, there may be some restrictions.

※ The movement with Windows10, please confirm the confirmation from this