1. About service

  • Q.Is it possible for a foreigner to rent a router and use it?

    -- A. Of course it is. We will put in an English manual together with the router.

  • Q. I do not have a Japanese address because I live abroad. Can I still rent a router?

    --A. Yes, you can. You can pick up the rental item at the airport post office, the QL Liner acceptance counter, the JAL ABC counter, or our shop in Shinjuku.

  • Q. Can I use the Wi-Fi router for PCs and smart phones made abroad?

    --A. If your device has a Wi-Fi functionality, you can use it.

  • Q. Please tell me the corresponding areas.

    --A. Please look from the website below for the corresponding areas of Ymobile305ZT.


  • Q. What are the accessories?

    --A. AC adapter・USB cable・product pouch

  • Q. Is it easy to use it?

    --A. Yes, it is very easy. Please turn on the power by sliding the power button.

    Second, tap the icon, “SSID.” The SSID and security key which is the password will show up.

    Third, please select the SSID from the device you wish to connect to the Wi-Fi. Last, enter the password. The connection is complete.


    If you keep the Wi-Fi router on without connecting to any devices for 10 minutes, it will automatically turn into sleep mode.

    In this case, if you turn on the power again, it will connect again.

  • Q. Is there a limit to the data?

    --A. The advance mode of Ymobile305ZT does not have a speed limit of the month. If you turn the mode into standard mode, a speed limit of 7GB per month will be applied

    Please look at the cover area of advance mode from the website below.


    If you reach up to 10GB from both advance and standard mode in the nearest 3 days, a speed limit will be conducted in order to avoid congestion. The limit will start next day starting from 6:00PM to 1:00AM.

    ※If you buy extra capacity for releasing the limit of standard mode, we will ask you for paying 500yen(without tax) per 500MB the next month you bought the capacity.

  • Q. How many devices can I access to the Wifi router at the same time?

    --A. You can access up to 14 devices at the same time.

  • Q. Will the Wifi router be sent with full battery?

    --A. Yes, the battery will be charged over 90%.

  • Q. How do I calculate the rental period?

    --A. The day when you received the Wifi router will be your start date of your rental.

    The last day of your rental will be written on the invoice.

  • Q. Can I send back the Wifi router before the last day of the rental?

    --A. Yes, it is possible for you to return the item before the last day of the rental. However, there will be no refunds.

  • Q. Can I extend the rental period?

    --A. Yes, we will take the date of your post mark as the last day of your rental period.

  • Q.Is it possible to cancel the order after applying?

    --A. We are able to accept cancellation before shipment with full refund.

    However, we will only charge half the rental for cancellation after shipment.

  • Q. Can I change the order?

    --A. We will accept changes before the shipment.

    Please contact us from


    Email address: info@wifi-rental-japan.com



2. About fee

  • Q. Is there another cost rental fee?

    --A. Shipping fee and receipt fee are included in rental fee・When you have you apply an option, We would charge for additional demands option fee.

  • Q. Tell me how to pay?

    --A. You can pay paypal or credit card. But you cannot use debit card.

  • Q. Can I use credit card made from abroad?

    --A. Of course you can, corresponding credit card are JTB, VISA, Master card, American Express and Diners club.

  • Q. Can I issue a receipt?

    --A. Of course. I will send it by e-mail on the product shipping date.

3. About delivery・return

  • Q. Can I choose time of delivery?

    --A. You can choose time of delivery.It is possible to receive at once after you arrive in Japan.Because we will send WI-FI router general delivery post office in airport.

  • Q. I want to use at once. can you send WI-FI router on application date?

    --A. If you can apply by 5 PM on that day, we will ship it during the day. Please necessary apply it by 5 PM delivery time two days before the receipt date. Because we cannot appoint the delivery time.

  • Q. Can you send hotel?

    --A. Im so sorry . our deliverly is only post office airport or QL liner acceptance

  • Q. Where can I receive WI-FI router

    --A. You can receive lending items at airport post office or QL liner acceptance counter.

    ※please bring IDcard(passport).

  • Q. How to return WI-FI router?

    --A. Please put a product in the envelop for the return bundled with a product, and please mail it in the post of the neighborhood. you can put everywhere in the all over JAPAN. After a product arrives at us, we send a return completion email.

  • Q. Is there any post in airport?

    --A. Several airport has ※when you go through departure gate, there is no post. please be careful of this.

4, About trouble

  • Q. the reception is bad in my room

    --A. An electric wave of WI-FI may become hard to arrive to the indoor depths. Even if you are 15m away from the router to a connection apparatus, you put the router body in the good place of the reception environment including the window as communication is possible, and please check it again.

  • Q My terminal did not recognize wi-fi.

    --A. There is possibility entering the sleep mode. please cut the power supply of the router once, and please switch it on again.

  • Q I broke WI-FI router.

    --A. In the case of the trouble water wet by the fault of the visitor, we demand the repair cost.

    The price when it became the terminal total loss is flat 45,360yen. If you join relief pac ,relief pac full , we will exempt repair cost. About the trouble of normally using it,please contact our shop.we send a replacement.

  • Q I lost and broke rental product and accessories.

    --A. If you broke rental product and accessories excluding WI-FI router we charge following compensate cost. [option rental product] Mobile battery 4900yen Large capacity of mobile battery 10200yen Cigar charger 1300yen [Accessories] Rental porch 1000yen AC adapter 4000yen USB cable 2000yen Leaflet about connection method 500 yen If you join relief pac, relief pac full There are a repair cost exemption and the price for loss compensation exemption of the trouble water wet. Detail of relief pac full is here Detail of relief pac is here