Privacy policy
Establishment 21th September HEISEI 23 YEAR
Revision(vol 2) 1th July HEISEI25 YEAR
HITs company inc

We recognize a social mission about protection of all personal information that we handle in promotion business enough, and we observe the protection of the right of the person, law and regulations about the personal information.
In addition,we declare that we raise all companies for the continuous improvement while building a personal information protection management system to realize a policy shown below, and always recognizing the trend of the latest IT technique, the change of the social request, a change of the management environment and wrestle here.

1.The personal information limits it to the necessary range in the employment, the human resource management of in our fair business accomplishment and the employee in contract agency duties and uses the acquisition and provides it and takes measures not to perform the privacy policy beyond the range that is necessary for the achievement of the identified use purpose.

2.We observe the guideline that laws and ordinances country about the personal information protection establishes and other models .

3.A leak, loss of the personal information come, and is rational for the risks such as the loss inject the financial resources which were equal to the fact of circumstances in order to take safety measures, and to prevent it, and improve the personal information security system continuously.

4.We give an appropriate response for a complaint about the personal information handling and the consultation quickly and faithfully.

5.We review the personal information protection management system based on an environmental change to surround us appropriately at a good time and promote the improvement continuously.

We distribute this policy to all employees and we disseminate it and shall take available measures even to anyone anytime by placing in our homepage,brochure.


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