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Rental fee JPY 600 / 1 day

Network Y!mobile / Softbank 4G LTE / Softbank 4G
Model Pocket WiFi 305ZT
Method Y!mobile LTE network / Softbank 4G LTE / Softbank 4G
Speed Download187.5Mbps , Upload37.5Mbps

Point 1

Corresponding new technology, “Carrier Aggregation”

“Carrier Aggregation” allows super high speed data connection by bundling two frequencies.

Point 2

High speed Wi-Fi model[IEEE 802.11 ac(5GHz)]

It correspond high speed Wi-Fi communication model(IEEE 802.11ac(GHz)

By using 5GHz, it will be hard to interfere with other radio waves, and it will allow you to enjoy stable data communication.

Point 3

Easy to access due to 3 high speed networks.

First time to correspond to 2.1GHz! It became a more high speed multi-network and got a better connection in a wide area.

Access it at a stable frequency

It allows you to have stable accessibility depending on the transmission state.

※The Wi-Fi router will choose the network automatically.Please note that you cannot choose the network by yourself.

※1 It will change due to the condition of the radio wave or the usage environment.

※2 The Internet Wi-Fi function and the multi SSID function cannot be used at the same time.

※3 Some areas offer 187.5Mbps as the greatest downloading amount. The greatest downloading amount will be 150Mbps, 112.5Mbps, 75Mbps, 37.5Mbs, or lower depending on the places where you are. The transmission may change depending on the transmission environment or the congestion. The greatest transmission speed will vary according to the area you are using the Wi-Fi router.

※4 Windows®8.1/8/7/Windows Vista®、Mac OS X 10.6/10.7 copes with the Japanese edition(32/64bit). However, it does not cope with the Windows®8/7/Windows Vista® of Enterprise/RT edition. The operation has been checked, however, it is not guaranteed that it will operate normally depending on the place you are using. In addition, there may be some restrictions.