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Y!mobile A102ZT

Hassle-Free Set Up
Fast and Stable
Reasonable Price

Enjoy stable connection with A102ZT

Enjoy High Speed WiFi and Wide Coverage Area.

Rental Price : ¥900/DAY

Model Y!mobile A102ZT
Carrier SoftBank/Y!mobile
Network SoftBank 4G/4G LTE/5G
Max Speed 828 Mbps(Download)
46 Mbps(Upload)

Point 1

Freely Switch Mode Setting

  • (1) Street/Outside/Urban Areas

    Use advance mode, 4G AXGP signal with unlimited data.
    Enjoy stable and high speed WiFi while traveling Japan.

  • (2) Subway/Underground/Rural Areas

    Use standard mode, 4G LTE signal with data limit of 7GB/month.
    Don’t forget to change to advance mode when not using!

Point 2

Enjoy High Speed & No Speed Limit

  • (1) Maximum 828Mbps for Download

    The newest WiFi technology has been adapted to A102ZT.
    Experience super high speed mobile WiFi router.

  • (2) No Speed Limit

    There is no speed limit unless you use 10GB within 3 days.
    In this case, speed limit is applied from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. to avoid congestion.
    * You will not be able to access to both advance and standard mode after using 7GB/month with standard mode.

Point 3

The Most Competitive Price in Japan

  • (1) Free Shipping for Pick-up and Drop-off

    You will get a package with mobile WiFi router, USB cable, AC adapter, pouch, instruction, and pre-paid return envelope. There is no additional fee for shipment.

  • (2) Tax Included Price

    JPY 900 includes every fee required to rent a pocket WiFi router including tax. Save your travel budget with Y!mobile A102ZT