Must-Have Gadgets for Travelers: Top 9 Convenient Items to Pick Up in Japan

Traveling in Japan offers not only delightful experiences but also opportunities to discover unique and convenient products. Here, we introduce some recommended gadgets that are perfect for foreign visitors to Japan. These items are uniquely designed with Japanese ingenuity, ensuring enhanced comfort during your travels.

  • Foldable Eco Bag

    Many stores in Japan charge for plastic bags, so having a foldable eco bag is extremely convenient. They can be compactly folded, making them easy to carry at all times, ready for any spontaneous purchases.

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  • Portable Translator

A portable translator can help overcome language barriers within Japan. Modern models can translate both speech and text, proving incredibly useful for reading signs and menus.

  • Electronic Money-Compatible IC Card

    IC cards like Suica or Pasmo are not only for transport; they can also be used in many shops, reducing the need to carry cash and facilitating smooth payments.


  • Universal Adapter

    As Type A outlets are prevalent in Japan, bringing a universal adapter ensures you can use any plug type and solve charging issues during your travels.

  • High-Quality Sunscreen

    Japanese sunscreen products often contain skin-friendly ingredients and offer high UV protection, making them essential, especially for summer tourism.

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  • Convenient Medicine Kit

    Travel-sized medicine kits available in Japanese drugstores include essentials like cold medicine, digestive aids, and plasters, preparing you for any sudden health issues.

  • Compact Travel Iron

    A compact travel iron is ideal for quickly smoothing out wrinkles in your clothes, particularly recommended for business travelers. Japanese-made irons are highly technological and designed for easy portability.

  • Japanese-style Bento Box

    This is the perfect item to experience Japan’s bento culture. These boxes are designed for convenience and significantly enhance the dining experience.


  • Pocket Wi-Fi

    Renting a pocket Wi-Fi device is convenient for ensuring internet access throughout Japan. It allows for constant connectivity, enabling smooth map navigation, information searches, and communication wherever you are.

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    It’s available for rent at airports and major tourist locations, allowing you to connect to high-speed internet anywhere in Japan. Reservations can be easily made online, and both pickup and return are highly convenient. Without worrying about communication limits, you can check maps, search for restaurants, and post on social media, enriching your travel experience.

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These gadgets showcase the best of Japanese technology and design, making them highly beneficial for visitors to Japan. Be sure to take advantage of these useful gadgets when traveling in Japan.


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