Fortune Telling in Japan | wifi rental japan

Have you seen the horror movie series ‘Destination’? The story is mainly about a main character dreams of future disasters and somehow prevents it from happening in real.  Thanks to her/him, some people survive from death; however, their destiny doesn’t allow them to be alive. Yeah, they all die at the end basically.

Some people believe in our destiny. They believe our life is already decided from the point we were born while others believe life is an adventure we need to go through. Fortune telling is a common practice in many countries in this world; and Japan as well, you can go to a fortune teller. It usually costs around 10-30 dollars depend on what is your main question and how many minutes you want to use fortune telling service.
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Working Holiday in Japan | wifi rental japan

Working holiday visa is a special visa which allows you to stay in Japan with work permit. However, there is a regulation that your age must be between 18 and 30 and you can use this visa up to one year. This visa enables you to have special experience in Japan of working at restaurants, cafes, hotels, and shops. It is also possible for you to become a part time language or sport instructor, if you have any proof that you are qualified to do so. In this article, we will look for what kinds of jobs we can get in Japan, especially in Tokyo, as a person who holds working holiday visa.
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International Cuisines in Tokyo Part 2 : African and South Asian Food | wifi rental japan

In our previous article, I have introduced some Mexican and Greek restaurants in Tokyo. If we are going to talk about something ‘international’ we should not keep our eyes staying only on some specific countries. It’s time for us to move our topic to different continent, such as Africa and Asia. There are a lot of countries in each continent; however, it is almost impossible for me to write eat country’s cuisine located in Tokyo because it will not end within this year. In this article, I am going to list some restaurants in Tokyo where we can try African and South East Asian food.
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International Cuisines in Tokyo Part 1 : Mexican and Greek Food | wifi rental japan

The world is extremely large and there are a lot of places that are mysterious enough to stimulate our curiosity. At the same time, we can also say world is very small. The move of people between countries has been natural things. Every year there are tons of people who move to different countries for studying, jobs, and personal reasons. This phenomenon has brought the spread of cultures from one country to another.

Therefore it is not strange to see people who have different looking in our daily life. It is same in Japan. I am not Japanese but working at Japanese company. My first language is not English but I am working in English. Although Japan is not perfectly like a salad bowl, we still can find people from all over the world living in Japan. Naturally there are a lot of restaurants where you can try international food. In this article, we will look for international cuisines in Tokyo.
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Where to Buy Furniture in Japan? | wifi rental japan

Through our previous article, we have looked for the way to rent a house or flat in Japan. Despite of the size of room, we have desire to project our values and lifestyles to our room. You will not have to worry about buying furniture if you decide to live in share house. However, if you are renting a flat you have to buy everything from lighting lamp to bed. In this article, I will introduce several shops where you can buy interior products and furniture.



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Nitori is Japanese version of IKEA. You can buy a lot of types of furniture with reasonable price; however, some items are DIY style. If you are willing to pay more, for sure, the staff will make it and place it into your favorite place as well. Pots and pans, microwave, bed, closets, dining table, sofa, TV board, and even Christmas tree… Nitori has nearly everything we need in our daily life. Here is also good place to shop for people who live in share house because Nitori sells bedding sets, cups and plates.
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Rent a House in Japan Part 2 : Flat | wifi rental japan

What is an image of house to you? What is the typical image of house in your country? I used to live in a city, for a short term, where is usually considered to be very expensive to live, and needed to pay 1,400 dollars per month for renting one room. It was a share house. I needed to share bathroom, living room, and kitchen with others but rental fee was unbelievable!

There are several conditions you have to check in advance when you are planning to rent a flat in Japan. First, there are mainly 3 types of houses in Japan; wooden, steel frame, steel concrete. Wooden houses are cheap but it is cold in winter and hot in summer. In addition, noise issues can be raised since you will be able to listen to upstairs sound of footsteps. Steel frame houses are better than wooden house, but it still has the problem of noise. Steel concrete houses are the best option when thinking about noise and temperature; however, it is usually very expensive.
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Rent a House in Japan Part 1 : Share House | wifi rental japan

If you are planning to live for a long term in Japan, the first issue you face will be probably ‘where to live’. Buying a house, Tokyo in particular, is extremely expensive so that normally it is very difficult to afford. For example, if you want to buy a very small flat near Oshiage station, where Skytree is, you will have to pay more than 20 million yen(USD 181,820). If you go farther from the station the price goes down; however, it is still over JPY 10 million yen(USD 90,910). Want to live about 30 minutes away from Shinjuku station by subway with your family? A newly-built flat with 3 bedrooms, living room and kitchen costs 100 million yen(USD 909,155). The price can differ from age and condition of building; however, it usually costs more than 50 million yen(USD 454,650).
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Become Geisha for a Day! | wifi rental japan

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Have you watched a movie film ‘the memoirs of geisha’? It originally is a best-seller novel about the girl called ‘Chiyo’ become most popular geisha in Japan. Though this movie was criticized by some people due to the fact that Orientalism was somehow involved in whole movie and actors were not Japanese but Chinese.

However, it is also true that this novel and movie at least have spread the term ‘Geisha’ to the world, though it was correct information or not. And there is a place in Japan, especially in Kyoto, where you can be costumed like a real maiko, who is being in training for becoming geisha, and walk around the street to take pictures. In this article, we will look for some shops where you can be transformed to Geisha for a day.
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Participate Cooking Classes in Japan | wifi rental japan

Many people love to try authentic foods from all over the world. However, some of them also like to learn how to cook different country’s dishes. Do you want to take part in cooking classes in Japan and learn how to cook Japanese food? No worries. There are a lot of studios where you can learn how to cook various types of foods from Japanese traditional one to bakeries. In this article, we will look for cooking classes you may participate while your stay or visit in Japan.

abc cooking studio

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ABC cooking studio is one of the most famous and popular cooking studios in Japan. The surprising point of ABC cooking studio is that you can try their trial lesson only with 500 yen. However, you should be careful that trial classes are given in Japanese. ABC cooking studio do provide English classes for foreign customers; however, classes in English usually costs more than 50 dollars. From sushi rolls to green tea tiramisu, you can participate in various classes and will not have any difficulty because whole class is given in English. You can make a reservation from their website.
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Signing Up For a Gym in Japan | wifi rental japan

We can refresh our feelings and become healthier through working out. Some people enjoy training at home while others prefer to go out and visit gyms. Even if you are just visiting Japan as a traveler, you may try hard to find gyms to burn your calories out. However, we are all foreigners in Japan. We don’t really know much about gyms and fitness centers. What is their average price, which franchises they have, and what we can do there… everything is so unclear. In this article, we will look for several fitness centers you may sign up for membership in Japan.

fitness center


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Tipness provides you with various programs from yoga to dance, as well as gyms fully filled with weight training machines and tread mills. There also is a pool with hot tubs so you can enjoy swimming as well. If you pay extra fees, you will be able to have an instructor who teaches you how to swim from beginning. If you need to have a personal trainer who will help your daily diet and weight training, you can also pay for it. However, you should be able to communicate in Japanese since English may not be available.
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