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Have you watched movie ‘The Mummy’? It is an action-adventure horror movie and has may series. A mummy is a dead body of human or animal whose skin has been preserved by some reasons. Mummy can be made in extremely controlled environment; for example, the weather should be extremely cold, having extremely low humidity, or lacking of air. Did you also know that you can find a monk mummy in Japan? Surprisingly, it actually is true! In this article, we will look for where we can find Japanese mummy.

monk mummy?

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Some monks decide to become mummy after their death, which can be also said as ‘suicide’. The monks eat only vegetables and seeds for a few years, and they reduce the amount of water they drink gradually. After few years they start drinking poisonous tea and this makes them puke. It slowly kills their body and their body becomes like a mummy even if they die.

You may feel gross about this procedure; however, Japanese monks think this is very sacred. However, this is not very easy. So many monks tried this so far but only few of them succeeded. If they successfully become mummy, people outside will bring their dead body outside and wear them clothes.

why they do it?

The monks think they can liberate themselves by becoming mummy. Though it may look very scary to some people, the procedure itself was had sacred and meaningful to them. Since there were not many people who actually succeeded to become mummy, it might have been some people’s aim to become like them.

where can i see it?

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You can find it at Dainichi temple, located in Yamagata prefecture. It takes around 2 hours from Tokyo by train. If you are planning to drive to there from Tokyo, it takes more than 5 hours since it is more than 400 kilometers. You can also use Shinkansen; however, you will have hard time transferring many times to get to this temple.

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