Visit Ghibli Museum in Tokyo | wifi rental japan

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I guess many of you have watched at least one of Studio Ghibli’s animations. My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle… Studio Ghibli has produced a lot of animations which are loved by people from all over the world. Since Studio Ghibli is Japanese corporation, you can also visit Ghibli Museum if you are planning to travel to Tokyo. In this article, we will look for what we can enjoy at Ghibli museum and how we can get tickets.
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Fortune Telling in Japan | wifi rental japan

Have you seen the horror movie series ‘Destination’? The story is mainly about a main character dreams of future disasters and somehow prevents it from happening in real.  Thanks to her/him, some people survive from death; however, their destiny doesn’t allow them to be alive. Yeah, they all die at the end basically.

Some people believe in our destiny. They believe our life is already decided from the point we were born while others believe life is an adventure we need to go through. Fortune telling is a common practice in many countries in this world; and Japan as well, you can go to a fortune teller. It usually costs around 10-30 dollars depend on what is your main question and how many minutes you want to use fortune telling service.
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Japanese Convenience Food Recommendations | wifi rental japan

What is the image of convenience store in your home country? In my case, the image of ‘expensive’ and ’24/7′ comes up to my mind when hearing the word convenience store. I assume that many of you who are interested in Japan or traveling to Japan have heard of amazing Japanese convenience store and its food; and yes, it is actually true. Convenience stores in Japan, which can be also called as conbini in Japanese, provides wide range of foods. In this article, we will look for what types of amazing foods we can buy at convenience stores in Japan.
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Sakura Will Blossom Real Soon in Japan! | wifi rental japan

A lot of foreign tourists plan to visit Japan during spring season to enjoy the bloom of Japanese cherry blossom. The street or river along with tons of cherry blossom trees is extremely beautiful; however, what all of us should be careful is that the bloom of cherry blossom finishes very quickly. To say it again, it is just a short period we can go for a picnic under fluttering beautiful petals of cherry blossom trees. In this article, we will look for when cherry blossoms bloom in 2019 and where in Japan we can enjoy it.
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Universal Studios Japan | wifi rental japan

ユニバーサル・クールジャパン 2019

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Universal Studios Japan, which is located in Osaka, is one of the most visited amusement parks in Japan with Tokyo Disney Land. If you love Harry Potter series, it is a perfect place to see and enjoy  the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There is a Hogwart castle and also a street where you can buy some souvenirs such as frog chocolates and jellies. The simulators and attractions related to famous movie such as Terminator and Jurassic Park are also features in Universal Studios Japan so please don’t miss this nice opportunity to it if you are in Osaka.
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Working Holiday in Japan | wifi rental japan

Working holiday visa is a special visa which allows you to stay in Japan with work permit. However, there is a regulation that your age must be between 18 and 30 and you can use this visa up to one year. This visa enables you to have special experience in Japan of working at restaurants, cafes, hotels, and shops. It is also possible for you to become a part time language or sport instructor, if you have any proof that you are qualified to do so. In this article, we will look for what kinds of jobs we can get in Japan, especially in Tokyo, as a person who holds working holiday visa.
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International Cuisines in Tokyo Part 2 : African and South Asian Food | wifi rental japan

In our previous article, I have introduced some Mexican and Greek restaurants in Tokyo. If we are going to talk about something ‘international’ we should not keep our eyes staying only on some specific countries. It’s time for us to move our topic to different continent, such as Africa and Asia. There are a lot of countries in each continent; however, it is almost impossible for me to write eat country’s cuisine located in Tokyo because it will not end within this year. In this article, I am going to list some restaurants in Tokyo where we can try African and South East Asian food.
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International Cuisines in Tokyo Part 1 : Mexican and Greek Food | wifi rental japan

The world is extremely large and there are a lot of places that are mysterious enough to stimulate our curiosity. At the same time, we can also say world is very small. The move of people between countries has been natural things. Every year there are tons of people who move to different countries for studying, jobs, and personal reasons. This phenomenon has brought the spread of cultures from one country to another.

Therefore it is not strange to see people who have different looking in our daily life. It is same in Japan. I am not Japanese but working at Japanese company. My first language is not English but I am working in English. Although Japan is not perfectly like a salad bowl, we still can find people from all over the world living in Japan. Naturally there are a lot of restaurants where you can try international food. In this article, we will look for international cuisines in Tokyo.
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Climb Mount Fuji in Japan | wifi rental japan

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, which goes up more than 12,000 ft. It is a dormant volcano and it is said that last eruption happened in 1707. Historically Mount Fuji has given a lot of meaning to Japanese people and that’s why we can find Mount Fuji somewhere in the most of old Japanese paintings. However, if the main background of paining is Tokyo, it might be not really impossible for painters to see Mount Fuji when drawing pictures. Mount Fuji is located in about 100 kilometers from Tokyo so that we can see it in Tokyo on a clear day.
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High-End Shopping in Tokyo | wifi rental japan

Shopping sometimes gives us a lot of pleasure. Travel abroad for shopping can give you a lot more fun than usual. Tokyo is a best place for shopaholics. From cheap clothes and fashion accessories to luxurious brands, you can find the best shopping place for everyone. Besides, you can also find a lot of unique clothing stores where you can try on specific fashion such as goth-loli. However, what we are going to focus on today is where to buy high-end brands in Tokyo.
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