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Japan obviously is a heaven of vending machines. You will be able to find vending machines everywhere in Japan and some products will surprise you. In summer, vending machines will provide you very cold water and pop. You can also buy warm stuff like corn soup and red bean soup during winter time. In this article, we will look for types of vending machines in Japan which can be very interesting to foreign tourists.


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Probably drinks are the most common thing you can find in Japan. Japanese vending machines provide various types of drinks from tea to energy drinks. Sometimes they also have jelly-type drinks, which is my most favorite. The price is not very expensive, as it usually costs around 1 dollar. In winter, you will also be able to find warm drinks like soup.

banana vending machine

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Yes, I know it is hard to believe,  but there is a vending machine selling bananas. The price is pretty cheap as it costs below 2 dollars for one piece of banana. The taste will be also very sweet since they use famous brand’s banana. There also is a pack of three bananas in this vending machine and it costs around 3 dollars. You can also find apple vending machine in similar point of view.

umbrella vending machine

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Can you imagine vending machine selling umbrellas? Though it is not very common and you will have to take time to find this, there is an umbrella vending machine in Japan. It usually costs around 4-5 dollars and you can get normal umbrella(transparent one) which a lot of Japanese people use. There are also vending machines selling better quality umbrellas, but it will cost more.

tie vending machine

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Are you visiting Japan for a business trip but forgot bringing your ties? No worries. Because you can buy a tie from vending machine! Although there are not many options of tie you can choose from, the ties sold in vending machine are usually very common so you can match it anywhere unless you are wearing extremely unique suits. It costs around 9-10 dollars.

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