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One thing I can enjoy most after moving to Japan was okonomiyaki. And it was very cheap! Although it depends on where you choose to go, one mixed bowl of okonomiyaki usually costs around 5-6 bucks in Japan. Thanks to this reasonable price, I could enjoy several menus and flavors whenever I ate out for okonomiyaki. Finding Japanese restaurants where serves good quality okonomiyaki was very hard in my home country and it basically was extremely expensive. I visited several restaurants; however, they served me fully-cooked okonomiyaki. But yes, a lot of okonomiyaki restaurants in Japan adopts Do-It-Yourself system so that you can make yours by your hand.

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There is one more thing I fell in love with other than okonomiyaki. Some of you may know, it is ‘monjayaki’. Monjayaki is a type of pan fried batter which is similar to okonomiyaki. Many places where sell okonomiyaki sells monjayaki as well; however, it is better to check in advance because some places have only-okonomiyaki or only-monjayaki menus. In this article, we will look for Tsukishima, which is a place famous for monjayaki, and recommended monja restaurants.


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Tsukishima is a human made island located in Chuo Ward, Tokyo. Tsukishima is famous for monjayaki, which is Tokyo-version okonomiyaki. Though we can eat okonomiyaki anywhere in Japan, it originally came from Osaka and Hiroshima. However, monjayaki arguably can be called as Tokyo Specialty. In this artificial island, you can see a street full of monjya restaurants. The price is similar from one to another so just choose wherever attractive for you!


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Does it look similar to original okonomiyaki? Be careful and do not read this sentence if you are eating something, some people cannot even try it because it looks like p*ke. However, I can say with confidence that it is very delicious. Similar to okonomiyaki, most ingredients in monjayaki are chopped meat or vegetables. The staff will give you a bowl with batter. All you have to is chop the ingredients into tiny size on the grill, make a ring, and pour the batter inside this ring. It will start boiling and you can mix all together. You may put cheese on the top. The food is ready, it is time to enjoy.

recommended restaurants

(1) Iroha

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Iroha is one of the most famous monjayaki restaurants in Tsukiji monja street. It is said that Iroha has been operating for more than 50 years. If you have no idea about how to make monjayaki, you can ask staff and they will help you. One menu(flavor) usually costs around 8-10 dollars. It may cost more than 14-15 dollars if you want to try a flavor with many different types of ingredients.

(2) Maguroya

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Maguroya is very small restaurant but you will be able to see a lot of lining up in front of the store to try their monjayaki. As some of you may have noticed, this restaurant is famous for using maguro, which means tuna in English, on their menus.

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