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Similar to Western glam rock, visual-kei bands are Japanese musicians putting thick make up and setting their hairstyles very elaborate. As you can see from the picture above, they pursue fashion which it not really common to see on the street. It is possible that some people may think they don’t have proper ability as a band since their looking is very exaggerating.

However, it is not 100% true. For sure, not all groups are perfect since some become professional while others just remain as enjoying their personal hobbies. Some visual-kei groups are very popular and famous for their both appearance and ability as a band. In this article, we will look into several Japanese visual-kei bands.

the gazette

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Formed in 2002, The Gazette is Japanese visual-kei rock band started from Kanagawa Prefecture. It seems like this band has both local Japanese and foreign fans and you will be able to find a lot of information about them in English through internet. Annually they have a concert tour and each tour has specific theme. Now they are performing around the world with their music, so why don’t you try to find if they are coming to your country or not if interested?


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Different from the Gazette, Kamijo is a solo singer-songwriter. He originally comes from visual kei band such as Lareine and this was how he could become famous. Some people may think that visual kei bands or singers persist only rock; however, he is the living proof that it is not true. He covers various genres of music from power metals to pop. He is already over 40 years old by the way. So amazing to see his pictures and guess his ages. Isn’t it?


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I know how you feel. You may feel like you are seeing of a cover of Japanese comic books. Versailles, not a treaty in a history, is a name of Japanese visual-kei metal band. Just before introducing this band, we have talked about kamijo. Yes, Kamijo is a member of Versailles. Versailles has signed up with one of the major labels in Japan in 2009 and has grown more and more.


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Jupiter is a Japanese visual kei symphonic metal band. Compare to other groups introduced above, Jupiter is quite new band since this band started in 2013. Jupiter also gives a performance all over the world and this proves that they are being loved by world wide fans. You may search about them if you are interested in. If you are already fans of them, why don’t you try to enjoy their music at a real concert?

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