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We all know that doing something ‘too much’ is not really good for our health. From things which are usually considered as bad such as alcohol and cigarette to healthy things like exercise and drinking water… Everything can result in serious addicts or disease and that’s why always keeping the line is important.

However, if you are a person who has a big appetite and challenging attitude, there is one thing you may try in Japan. It’s big food challenge!  The amount or size of food is usually a lot. Literally a lot. It is nearly impossible for people with normal sized belly to finish up one dish. Many Youtubers who are called as food fighter try these challenges. In this article, we will look for where to try Japanese jumbo sized foods.

godzilla gyoza

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[source : http://www.upsocl.com/sabores/la-monstruosa-gyoza-godzilla-de-2-4-kilos-que-es-gratis-solo-si-eres-capaz-de-comerla-en-1-hora/]

Can you believe that there is a gyoza weighs more than 2.5 kgs? If you have never seen it, you can find it in Tokyo. Originally it costs around 100 dollars; however, you can have it for free if you can finish eating up within 1 hour. It is said that it is for 10 people originally; however, nothing is impossible in this world. You can find lots of information about this jumbo size gyoza through youtube.

spaghetti pancho

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[source : https://gurunavi.com/en/japanfoodie/2014/11/fukuchans-food-02.html?__ngt__=TT0f59e0d66000ac1e4a5abbUSW0RE6WoKHZEla4Pees46]

You feel like you can have endless spaghetti? You want to try Japanese napolitan spaghetti? A lot? If so, visit spaghetti pancho! You can find the restaurants at several places in Tokyo and Saitama. It goes up to 2.3 kilograms; which costs JPY 1,650. All other customers will gaze at you and your spaghetti.  It’s going to be a nice experience if you finish all.

monster ramen

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[source : https://kotaku.com/eat-this-ramen-in-less-than-20-minutes-earn-438-1789769370]

Yaro ramen is famous for its monster ramen. If you finish eating up all ramen including soup within 20 minutes, you will able to get JPY 50,000. Don’t worry. You will still be able to earn JPY 30,000 if you finish it within 30 minutes. However, it will not be easy. Eating too much can also result in disease and sometimes death. Don’t try to eat all, you can just give them JPY 10,000 yen as penalty if you fail to.


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