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Do you like horror movies? Some people will say yes while others say no. It seems like it is hard to find middle stance regarding horror movies. Personally I felt western horror movies tend to focus on ‘haunted house’ while Asian movies focus on personal stories of ghost such as why she became ghost. Japanese horror movies are very famous so that some have been remade as Hollywood movies. In this article, we will look for several Japanese horror movies and its main stories.

The ring series

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If you feel like you have ever seen this circle mark, it means you know or at least indirectly have seen some part of movie ‘the ring’. A long hair woman with white one-piece type clothes… A typical type of ghost in Japan and some Asian countries. You can also find a book but it is different to see and watch all the time. Thanks to its popularity, the movie has been remade in the U.S several times.

The main story is about cursed video tape. Though almost nobody uses VHS in 2019, it has been widely used when the movie was first released. People around main character watch this cursed video tape and die. Main character also watched it and she/he try to find the way to not be dead by curse. Main character will find why unseen force, which can be easily called as ghost, became ghost.

battle royale

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Released in 2000, Battle Royale is one of the most famous horror movies in Japan. Some may say it is similar to Hunger Games, too. The plot is like this; students in one 9th grade classroom are sent to an island and given with survival goods such as food and maps. They also get weapon and there is a rule they must follow. Their aim is to kill each other be the only one in the island.

This movie shows how middle school aged teenagers become so brutal  upon their current situation. Nothing related to spirits appear in this movie so that it may be arguable if it is correct to classify genre of this movie as horror or thriller. You want to figure out genre of this film? If so, watch it and make your own decision!



Probably one of the most famous Japanese horror movies! The main plot of this movie is that people who enter haunted house die because of spiritual things remaining in the house. There are basically two main ghosts; which are Kayako and Toshio. Kayako was murdered by her husband and Toshio was possibly murdered as well. Since they were murdered, this created curse and that’s why people who enter this house die in fear.

Friends, families, police, detective… nothing can save people from this curse. Once they get inside the house they will die or ghosts will take their body. The reason why this movie is scary is because spiritual existences do not only harm a person who actually murdered them. Instead, they have strong grudge so that they try to harm people who come inside their territory, which is shown as a house.

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