Recommended Spots for Anime Tour in Japan | wifi rental japan

It is true that many people enjoy regardless of their age, gender, and cultural backgrounds. Animation is made and published by uncountable countries in this world and many of you may have memories of watching animation during childhood. I, though not really much enjoy animation now, also used to wait in front of television to watch famous animation such as crayon Shinchan and Dragon Ball. Pokemon and Digimon Adventure were also on my favorite list.

I had no doubt that those animations would be made by my home country since they looked very similar to how I look like and all animations were in my language. As you can guess, it was not correct. It was just all dubbed version of Japanese animations. Japanese animation industry still has a lot of influence to people from all over the world until now. In this article, we will look for the history of Japanese animation and how we can enjoy animes while traveling in Japan.
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Tokyo, Heaven for Game Lovers Part 3 : Retro | wifi rental japan

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Gaming industry is developing day by day and nowadays we can play games with big screen and high quality graphics. However, I guess some of you were kids playing video and arcade games with not really good quality graphic and simple controllers. Since Japan has been taking a big part of game industry for a long time, it is hard to say about retro games without mentioning Japanese games. If you are traveling to Tokyo, there are some places where you can buy or play retro games.
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