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What kind of things can we do with one dollar? 100 yen, which has almost same value as 1 dollar, is formed as a coin in Japan. This 100 yen may mean nothing to somebody; however, you can buy something practical for your daily life with 100 yen here in Japan. Daiso, which is world-widely well known 1 dollar shop, can be a good example. In this article, we will look for several 100 yen shops in Japan.


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Daiso definitely is one of the most famous 100 yen shops in Japan. You can also find Daiso out of Japan; for instance, I used to go to Daiso a lot when I was living in Vancouver, Canada. There are also tons of Daiso shops in my home country as well. Daiso was founded in 1977 and now they have 2,800 shops only in Japan. Read More