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A lot of foreign tourists plan to visit Japan during spring season to enjoy the bloom of Japanese cherry blossom. The street or river along with tons of cherry blossom trees is extremely beautiful; however, what all of us should be careful is that the bloom of cherry blossom finishes very quickly. To say it again, it is just a short period we can go for a picnic under fluttering beautiful petals of cherry blossom trees. In this article, we will look for when cherry blossoms bloom in 2019 and where in Japan we can enjoy it.

2019 Cherry Blossoms Bloom expectation

Japan is quite big, and the estimated of cherry blossom blooming differs by north and south. Southern part, such as Okinawa, is very warm compare to northern part like Sapporo. For example, cherry blossoms bloom in January in Okinawa. Yes, it is already too late to enjoy cherry blossom if you are going to Okinawa. On the contrary, cherry blossoms will bloom in May in Hokkaido. It is usually said that the estimated blooming season of cherry blossom in Japan 2019 is;

Tokyo **Mid-End of March** Between Mar 19th-22nd

Osaka **Mid-End of March** Between Mar 20th-26th

Fukuoka **Mid of March** Between Mar 19th-20th

Sapporo **End of April or Early May** Between Apr 26th-May 3rd

Okinawa **Early January** Jan 10th

shinjuku gyoen

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Shinjuku Gyoen is a national garden located in Shinjuku area. Every year tons of people visit Shinjuku Gyoen to enjoy picnic under cherry blossom trees. There is a 200 yen of admission fee; if you accompany with children who under elementary school, their admission fee becomes lower as 50 yen. They open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. so you’d better visit there earlier. It is said that there are 1,100 cherry blossom trees inside this park; however, be aware that there is a moratorium on alcoholic beverage, fire and prohibition on animals and plants.

himeji castle

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Himeji, which was built in 1333 in Hyogo Prefecture, is usually mentioned as one of the most popular spots in Japan where you can enjoy cherry blossoms. Himeji Castle gives a comfortable feeling to visitors and this feeling doubles during cherry blossom season. This white colored castle looks like more white with milky color of cherry blossom petals. There are a lot of people visiting Himeji castle during this season; but no worries, you will be able to take a nice photo of it.

the philosopher’s path

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Philosopher’s path is located in Kyoto, which is well-known for traditional city in Japan. Philosopher’s path is also considered to be one of the most popular places to spot cherry blossom. There are 500 cherry blossom trees in total along the path and it the small river in the middle becomes like a pink canal. The falling petals on the river makes here more beautiful, too.

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