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Calm down. There is nothing burning in this picture. As I mentioned in my previous article, Beppu, which is located in Oita, is famous for hot spring. Having hot spring in a town naturally means there exists a source which makes hot water. This hot water makes a steam all over this town and that’s why now we can see a picture like this. In this article, we will look for famous hot spring that many tourists visit every year.

Visit Hells

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There are 7 hell hot springs only in Beppu. If you wish to look around all 7 hells the entrance fee becomes JPY 2,000 per person. It costs JPY 400 if you visit only one hell. The most famous hell is the one called ‘Kamado’ and some tourists who do not have enough time to spend in Beppu choose to visit Kamado only.
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Fukuoka Travel Guide 3 Beppu Part 1 : Restaurants | wifi rental japan

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About two hours away from downtown Fukuoka by bus, you can step into a small village, Beppu, which is famous as onsen(Japanese hotsprings) village. It is also good idea to rent a car and drive along countryside of Fukuoka. I bet you will be able to see a lot of greens such as mountains and trees. If you’d like to choose calm and peaceful atmosphere to release your stress rather than enjoying city and nightlife, I highly recommend visiting Beppu.

Beppu is definitely not a big city; however, it has everything you will need to make your travel more abundant and romantic. In particular, Beppu is a perfect place for people who love to warm their bodies in hotspring. If you imagine Beppu just as a place where does not have any single thing but only hot spring, you are taking it wrong. Though it is not very huge, Beppu provides tourists and its local people enough attractions such as shopping malls and dining spots.
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