Hokkaido Travel Guide 2 Hakodate : Attractions | wifi rental japan

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[source : https://www.ana.co.jp/en/jp/tastesofjapan/hokkaido/0015.html]

Shopping and dining gives pretty much of pleasure to travelers; however, please don’t forget that there are some more exciting things you can enjoy in Hakodate. Similar to Sapporo, Hakodate also provides snow related attractions like ski resort. It is said that snow fall starts from November to March in Hakodate so that you can enjoy snow basically everywhere. If you are willing to spend more time in Hakodate, you may try winter activities such as skiing and and snowboarding.
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Hokkaido Travel Guide 1 Sapporo : Restaurants (2) | wifi rental japan

In our previous article, we have looked for Genghis Khan, which means lamb barbecue in Japan, and soup curry. These two are definitely representative foods you can enjoy in Sapporo. However, we haven’t even started yet if we are going to start talking about food in Sapporo. I guess it will take more than 3 days if we really wish to do so, though. Probably we will have endless discussion for deciding which one can be number one that represents Sapporo.

As I mentioned in previous article, Sapporo is famous for its fresh ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, and dairy products. A bowl of ramen with a piece of butter, fresh sushi and kaisen-don(rice bowl with sashimi), crab shabushabu, cheesecakes and milk… Every single thing in this area is mouthwatering enough and perfect to satisfy your tongue.


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[source : https://hokkaido-labo.com/en/sapporo-ramen-3924]

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Hokkaido Travel Guide 1 Sapporo : Restaurants (1) | wifi rental japan

One thing you should never miss in Sapporo is to enjoy its foods. Located in the northern part of Japan, Sapporo is fifth biggest city in Japan which is famous for snow and seafood. You can enjoy fresh seafood and thick taste of dairy products anywhere in this beautiful city. In addition to this, Sapporo is also famous for beer, as here is a birth place of world-famous Sapporo beer. Everything in Sapporo will give you a pleasure by its taste, though it is a little pricey, since they will use the freshest ingredients ever.

Whatever you like Sapporo will never disappoint you. Sapporo is famous for uncountable mouthwatering dishes such as ramen, lamb barbecue, snow crab, soup curry, milk, cheese, and sweets. Yes, nearly everything you can make a connection with winter. Imagine that outside weather is freezing cold and you visit one small restaurant for having a bowl of ramen. Or it is also possible that you have a pint of beer with grilling lamb meat. In this article, we will look for dishes that we can enjoy in Sapporo.
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