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ECBO CLOAK is a revolutionary luggage storage service for people who are looking for places to store their luggage. This service is mainly available in most of major cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, Okinawa, and Hokkaido. There are tons of stores where your luggage can be kept safely and it only costs JPY 600 per day. (If it is as small as backpack, the price goes down to JPY 300.)

You can choose exactly which district in Tokyo (or other places) you want to leave your luggage and every process will finish only with few steps by using smartphones. You don’t have to worry about your luggage since stores will keep it very safe and all you have to do is just enjoying your travel in Japan. And now, wifi rental japan also became one of the places where you can store your luggage!
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Tokyo Travel Guide 9 Roppongi : Attractions | wifi rental japan

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Roppongi’s transformation surprised the world. Originally it had the image of ‘dangerous’ since the city was strongly connected to mafia. Drug related crimes frequently happened in this district, though it happens from time to time now as well, Roppongi successfully transformed its image from dark to bright. Roppongi is famous for both museums and nightlife. In this article, we will look for attractions you can enjoy daytime and nighttime.


(1) Mori Art Museum

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[source : https://www.mori.art.museum.jp]

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Tokyo Travel Guide 9 Roppongi : Restaurants | wifi rental japan

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One of the best things you can enjoy in Roppongi is the fact that Tokyo Tower is quite near. If you go up to the top floor of Roppongi Hills building, you can enjoy the night view of skyscrapers in Tokyo for free. Of course, you will also have to see the illumination of Tokyo Tower if you are lucky enough. Personally, I believe where to eat and what to eat, these two are the most important factors to make good travel.

In my previous posting, I explained about Roppongi Hills area shortly. To summarize, Roppongi Hills was planned and made. Roppongi area was considered to be dangerous before since it was strongly connected with mafia in Japan, however, the atmosphere totally changed after its development. Many countries focused on the process and the owner tried their best to persuade landlords who lived there for a long time. It took long time and they succeeded.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 9 Roppongi : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

Have you heard the term ‘Roppongi Hills’? Roppongi Hills is located in the heart of Roppongi and this initially was a development project in Tokyo. Though it has become well-known to foreign tourists, the history of Roppongi Hills is not so long. Here opened in 2003 and the building complex filled with a lot of offices was established. Roppongi somewhat has an image of grey since people usually think of offices and companies when hearing the word Roppongi.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 8 Ginza : Attractions | wifi rental japan

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[source : http://jpninfo.com/28976]

This fascinating high-end district in Tokyo offers fabulous shopping opportunities and fancy restaurants to you. If you could have a lot of fun at upmarket fashion shops and fine dining restaurants, it’s time to enjoy attractions. Some of you may not be really interested in shopping so you might think you don’t have to visit Ginza. However, there still are a lot of things you can enjoy in Ginza except going for shopping and dining.

kabukiza theater

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[source : www.shimz.co.jp/en/topics/construction/item01/content02/]

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Tokyo Travel Guide 8 Ginza : Restaurants | wifi rental japan

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In my previous article, we have looked for some shopping places in Ginza. Ginza is basically famous for luxury shopping so here will be the greatest place if you want to buy high end brand products with tax free price. However, this is not all about Ginza. There are also a lot of places where you can have nice meals. As Ginza is well-known for luxury shopping, let’s focus on luxury eats in this article as well.

bvlgari restaurant ginza

[source : http://www.bulgarihotels.com/ja_JP/tokyo-osaka-restaurants]

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Tokyo Travel Guide 8 Ginza : Shopping Malls | wifi rental japan

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If you are planning to visit Japan, you may have heard of this area at least one time. Ginza! The most expensive area in Tokyo! Ginza is definitely high-end shopping district in Japan. This area is full of department stores and high-end international brands. Just having a cup of coffee will cost JPY 800~1,000. If you need a piece of cake with coffee at a fancy cafe, well, you will have to pay at least JPY 2,000~3,000. (Of course there are places where you can have coffee with reasonable price as well.)

department stores

(1) Mitsukoshi Department Store

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[source : https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/shopping/ginza-mitsukoshi]

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Tokyo Travel Guide 7 Harajuku : Attractions | wifi rental japan

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Do you remember that I said Harajuku represents ‘kawaii’ things on my previous article? Haruajuku is a place where you can buy unique and usually extremely cute fashion items as well as enjoy sweets decorated with candy powders. Every single stuff you face in Harajuku will make you feel ‘cute’ and this theme of being kawaii applies to attraction as well.

However, I understand that some people are totally not interested in this kind of kawaii things. Don’t worry. There are other things as well you can enjoy in Harajuku. You can enjoy these activities even in quiet and monotonous atmosphere. In this article, I am going to introduce attractions you can enjoy in Harajuku by two separated sections, which are kawaii and non-kawaii things.
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Tokyo Travel Guide 7 Harajuku : Restaurants | wifi rental japan

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[source : https://livejapan.com/en/in-harajuku/article-a0000718/]

In this amazing district in Tokyo, you can enjoy wide range of food from small snacks to gorgeous meal. We have separated Harajuku to three big categories in previous article, which are Cat street, Takeshita street, and Omotesando. Since each of the street has strong characteristic, especially regarding budget, the information about eatery will be also divided into three categories in this article.

takeshita street

If I have to compare Takeshita street, Cat street, and Omotesando, I would like to say you can enjoy cheap eats in Takeshita street. If you love sweets such as parfait and crepes, here is the perfect place for you. You will find a lot of sweets shops lining up on this road and massive people lining up for having it as well. If you go there in summer you are going to have hard time lining up under super hot weather, but it deserves to do.
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Try Japanese Hair Straightening | wifi rental japan

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[source : https://freelor.com/flash-sale/detail]

Some people who are born with curly and frizzy hair wish to straighten their hair. There may be another case well. In my case, I used to get my hair permed and become sick of it after few months. Then I got my hair straightened to refresh my feeling. For sure, this gave a critical damage to my hair even though hair at that time felt very silky.
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